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Recent posts by Kowshik Nandagudi

Thanks Campbell and Henry

in this case what should be my regex so that I can distinguish between a + inside my string and + as my delimiter ( note even -,*,/) can be delimiter
5 years ago
I have the following string


i want the output to be

the format will be something similar to ABC/EDF where ABC is a string which is alphanumeric and speical characters (WITHOUT SLASH "/")

I did try the following

but is not giving me the proper output.

Any help appreciated

Thanks in Advance.

5 years ago
but i dont want to specify the time. just need to know if dst applies on that day
6 years ago
TimeZone ID is "Europe/London"
6 years ago

The above code returns false even though 30th october 2011 falls under DST
6 years ago

Can I know if my date falls in a dst? I dont want to specify the time but only the date

For example:

6 years ago
thanks Rob. But is there anyway I can read the entire file into the memory and use that??

What should be the approach for reading a large file my file is 100 MB text file
7 years ago
I am reading a large file using bufferedreaderI am closing the file and then how do i reopen the file??


THen how do i reopen the file???

what is the method i need to use for reopening the file??
7 years ago
[Server:glc01-one] New missing/unsatisfied dependencies:
[Server:glc01-one] service jboss.network.public (missing)

I have configured jboss 7 in domain controller and host controller mode . configuration looks ok. But i get the above mentioned error . What is needed to resolve the problem?

Thanks in Advance
7 years ago
Oh the problem is getting complex

I have a new pattern


If we observe this closely

AM= 13
AD= 13 Occurs only once

where as SD,PM VM occur repetitively.

Getting little confused here

7 years ago
Hi Rob just cracked it with the following code.

Thanks very much for you help.
7 years ago
Thanks Rob.Now that I hae three groups is it possible for me to get the individual bits?

group1 SD=33
group2 SP=30
group3 VM=30


group1 SD=44
group2 SP=44
group3 VM=44

7 years ago
ok.. to be specific the loop works if

but if actually the string is message=SD=33,SP=33,VM=33SD=44,SP=44,VM=44 . so if the regular expression is change to be prepended with "message=" the loop doesnt work . what am i doing wrong here?

7 years ago
yes.. but I want to capture each individual group here. but some my logic is returning me only the last group.
7 years ago
Hi Rob,


If I use

it prints the entire string and goes to an infinite loop

if I use

while( matcher.find())
it prints the entire string.

Which is the loop that I need to use?

Thanks in Advance,
7 years ago