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Recent posts by Jan de Boer

If you think that all software problems should be solved by that one tool and programming language you know best, ...

I mean this: I once had a colleague who did everything in Delphi what could have be done far more easily in e.g. a shell script. But he knew Delphi, so everything was solved with calling a little Delphi exe. Calling a Delphi console exe to copy some files to a certain location, stuff like that.
4 years ago
If I touch it, I do it with nail, so with the hand turned 180 degrees. I do this to not let annoying fingerprints stick to the screen. If you have a black background, you can really see them.
4 years ago
The only time I knew all the statements et cetera by head, was the moment I passed my Java certification. They have been paying me for more than twenty year, so I would not worry too much.

Oh yeah, I am still proud of it, passed my SCJP with 82% score!

:-) :-)

(But it was ~15 years ago I think.)

Tim Holloway wrote:I think 1000-2000 words is the generally-accepted number needed to know to communicate well in most languages with 5000-10000 making you fluent.


I am at ~~12,000
5 years ago

Dave Tolls wrote:

Tim Holloway wrote:"Visage"

Or you are refrring to an early 80s electro-pop band.

I actually always thought Visage was a French word, and in my mind pronounced the name that way. Maybe it was Dutch radio too, I remembered them pronouncing Billy Joel like rhyming with Noël.
5 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Knute Snortum wrote:They're a little bookish. . . .

All real words; some of them however are used rarely.

Yes.. I doubt a little how I should learn English words. Since there are so many synonyms in the language, I think the best thing to do is learn the words passively. At the moment I as a non native speaker already know a more frequently-used simpler word with the same meaning, I'd better stick to using that. I should not try to be as eloquent as somebody who(*) grew up in an English speaking country, that is just too difficult and not really useful.

(*) Should I use 'that' or 'who' here by the way?
5 years ago
This my weeks new vocabulary. Sometimes I doubt if these words are really useful. But I have this German flashcard app called PONS and I learn new vocabulary in the train.

its seamy side
to purloin
to smite
to fuddle
to retaliate

Could I use all of these in a daily conversation? Or are they just somewhat bookish words?
5 years ago
My opinion: We should not bother children with our own political correctness and virtue signalling. Let children be children. They dont even think about seksual orientation at the 'Sesame Street age', which is below 9 years old or so.
5 years ago
I dont have Lederhosen..

I do have shorts though. I wear from say March until October. I got reprimanded entering the office with them already a few times by the management. I do it to get some taint on my legs while I cycle. If I dont, I just have this brown face and a white body beneath it, because outside cycling I do not really like to get out and go and lie in the sun. I change into long pants within an hour when I am working. Dresscode. But I bet my manager is just jealous of my pretty legs! ;)
5 years ago
Nice photo, but we were expecting Lederhosen. Or at least I was..
5 years ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:This is exactly what I meant.

Ah, yeah, okay. I won't bring it up and focus on how exciting the new job is. Thought that would be best.
5 years ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:

Jan de Boer wrote:I now wonder if I should tell this is one of the reasons I am leaving.


Not to you, but to the manager of the company I am leaving. If she asks. (If you're not interested just don't read.)

5 years ago
I have got a new job. I talked to other programmers about this 'happy face' obligation. And they recognized that. Actually one of my scrum team members had the exact same experience as I had.

I now wonder if I should tell this is one of the reasons I am leaving. I talked to two people and they both said, don't bother because she won't change her behaviour anyway. So I think I will just say, I found a better paid job closer to home. The latter is not a lie, it is 90km closer and pays 20% more.
5 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:The reason I don't have much love for aptitude tests. Too often, they assume that there is only one "correct" answer.

Like that one snooty recruiter that interviewed me and asked why putholes are round and not square. According to him otherwise the top would not fit. Oh, so funny asking this a nervous applicant...
5 years ago
One person was staying at home.

(It is not stated that the one person that did not get wet, was a member of the group of two persons that walked in the rain. So two people were walking in the rain, one stayed at home and did not get wet. And he/she made hot chocolate as a warm welcome for the other two.)
5 years ago