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Recent posts by Moe Cosby

Thanks everyone. Mark this as resolved.

Removed all tomcat(s). Reinstalled tomcat 7. Checked all paths. Recreated all files from scratch in notepad (no copy paste). Working now.

[Although Servlet are more powerful - I prefer Microsoft ASP, you end up spending more time in developing solution than learning / troubleshooting :s ]
10 years ago

As I mentioned in my original post (see the link for details of code + error) - My problem is EXACTLY the same.

but my solution is not.

@Binu - I will try that and report back on Monday.
10 years ago
I am new to JSP/Servlet scene but I have been in I.T field for good couple of years.
For the end of me - I cannot run HELLO WORLD servlet on Tomcat 7

I been suspecting that its illconfigured web.xml file - hence I have tried many HELLO WORLD servlet and they don't work either

Although builtin example works.

For code + exact error details - lets just say this one is exactly describing my issue but it is not working:

I can compile it successfully and I can open it through tomcat.

I have tried importing WAR files - doesn't work
Created new files - doesn't work
Copied other people's project - doesn't work

Any help is appreciated.

Note - this is local development environment. A lot of time it is not connected to internet either. Security is not a concern.
10 years ago