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Recent posts by Jakub Adelka

So, conclusion is what? Do part 2, send them an email with .jar, and take part 3. Right?
Since, duration of the exam is 90 minutes, I am not sure is it enough time, to read questions, have a thoughts about it, construct answering curve, and to provide about 250 words, for each question... It looks like, concentration must rocks during the exam!
Hi Deepak,
I understand that, but can you tell me that, how it looks like at the exam, there is no explanation ?
As much as I understood, I will have 8 questions, with a text areas for answers. Is that correct?
Hi everyone,
I do not knot was it aim of the SUN to confuse developers about having scea exams, but they done well with me
What is part 3 finally?
Do I take it at Prometric center like part 1 or, should download those questions, like an assignment for part 2?
I am not sure, but as much as I could figure out, it looks like:
I pay an exam at Prometric site (just as I did with part 1), then schedule exam at Prometric. There, I will get a list of questions (just as I did get a questions for part 1) , and some text area to answer then, in 90 minutes.
Since, part 3 is related to part 2 (my assignment) I suppose it is logically forst to finish my part 2, before getting part 3, right?

Please, anyone who already took part 3, let me note are my assumptions correct?
I have skimmed the considerably part of the forum, and I really did not find out, an answer to this question, what class diagrams should be made of?
In the various UML articles, I did not find, that .jsp files, are part of it, but in Cade's book, it is. Since they will, after all, grade my worked solution, should I follow the patter of the diagrams they use their book?
Thanks Jeanne, that was what I thought too
Hi deepak, I know that, but I have occupied next few weeks (new yer :-), job occupations, etc), so I will be pretty much busy, and if there is no any time limit between part I and II, I will wait a few weeks to pass, so I can commit myself completely on exams.
However, than you on your answer !
Hi everyone,
I have just passed SCEA part I, and I was wondering, is there any time limit, within what I must take part II?
In the other words, can I take part II whenever I want, let say in a month-two, because I do not have a time right now, I mean, I am not in obligation to take SCEA part II right now after passing part I, right ???