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Recent posts by Patel Anshal

hi abhiram I have some knowledge in java as I have created my final year project on j2me and also a mini project in j2se will that help me?
ok wat about the other questions

as if the book enough and how much time will it take and how do i start with and what all do I need to do to make my preparation a consolidated one considering that I know only the basics.
i heard scjp 6 is more tough actually m placed in a company and yet to receive my date of joining so i m planning to study for certification in meanwhile and give exam after a month or two so i chose easier one
Hello all,
I am a new graduate in B.E. in Information Technology. I am eager to give the SCJP 5 exam and already have bought the book SCJP 6 by the respected owner of this site Kathy Sierra and respected moderator Bert Bates.I have a few questions in my mind as every noob has it.

1)Which topics have more importance in the book and which are the topics I should pay attention and do thoroughly?
2)Considering I know only the basics(create file, write small programs, compile, playing with numbers etc) how long in your opinion should I study for the same?
3)Is this book enough for certification?(I intend to score good marks and not just pass).
4)Where do I get exposure to real time questions or questions similar to that?(I believe more mocks better the finals).

Also I forgot to tell you I am not doing any jobs currently so I can practically invest around 8 to 10 hours a day studying this book.

Thank you for reading and do help me and moderators please excuse me if I have some errors in this post