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Raphael S Rodrigues

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Recent posts by Raphael S Rodrigues

I've just taken this exam with 89% score.

I strongly recommend the Enthuware's mock exam simulator. It was very close the exam.

7 years ago
The answer of last question mine is : Caching. I have to use some solution of cache, for exemplo: EhCache, Jboss Cache, because those solutions are available for multi cluster environment. So, I can save my logged users HashMap in a cache.

Thanks for all,
8 years ago
I found this solution in stackoverflow:

Basically, I have a ServletFilter where I can keep my active sessions in a map static variable, where the key is my user and the value is my HttpSession. The problem is, this variable map static, where's the web container save it? There's one per cluster. If yes, It does not solved the problem in a cluster environment, do it?
8 years ago

The questions is : How can I manage session objects in cluster environment? Any ideas?

I would like logout the session...
8 years ago
My webapp is running in a clustering environment. Because of this, I think that I should use a hybrid solution using sessions and database management.

I think there'll be easiest, If I change a little bit the problem:

1. User logged very well
2. The same user tried to do login
2.1. If the user already exists (find in database, check the jsessionid or ip, i don't know yet), then before session is invalidated (Session.invalidate())
2.2. If not, come back to step 1

The question is: How can I get the first one session instance? If I'm running in a clustering environment. I know that the session is activated and passivated... I think it's hard to handle.
8 years ago
The solution above seems to be work, but some cases the logged user does not click on logout button! So, the session in this case will be expired, and if the user will try logon again will receive error. How can I handle this case?
8 years ago