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Recent posts by Gurubg Gb

Hello Folks,

I have a strange problem, I am not receiving any error when I deploy my EJB project to JBoss . I have a single entity bean defined and expecting it to be created in MySQL DB. But strangely I do not see any table created . Has anyone faced the same problem before ?

My Persistence.xml file is as follows ..

mysql-db.xml file is as below

I have placed the DB conenctor file mysql-connector-java-5.1.14-bin.jar in \server\default\lib folder ..

This is my code for Entity which I am trying to create

But I do not see any table named "lessonuser" created in the "lessonds" database.
Can someone point out if I am going wrong somewhere ?

Thanks in advance ..
11 years ago
Oh Sorry for my earlier reply , it doesn't seem to work when I try to deploy the EAR project..
The page never get launched .
<Context-root> has some significance here > I can't give some random name ??
11 years ago
I changed the name to Test1 just to try , and it does work .. The Web client is deployed and I can see my homepage coming up ..
But I am trying to access a Session bean from my servelt which fails with the error "javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: UserSBRemote not bound"..
I guess my EJB module is not getting deployed properly .. Any clue how to test it ?
11 years ago
Hi Uttam,

Thanks for the link.. will go through it ..
But any thoughts on the error which I have posted ???

11 years ago
Hello folks,

I am new to J2EE scene and I have to develop a Web application involving Session and Entity beans . For this I have created a Dynamic Web client and one EJB project.
I have one session bean with the remote interface defined which is called from a servlet in my webclient.

I have created one EAR project to deploy my web and EJB modules to the JBOSS server (JBoss 5.0.1.GA) .
I am using eclipse IDE ...

I am not sure if the configuration files for my project are corrent .. i,e and Persistence.xml files ,, file contains
and I have placed it in Webcontent folder of my web client ..

Persistence.xml file contains
This I have placed in EJBmodule/META_INF directory of my EJB project.

There is one application.xml file generated by JBoss when I created an EAR project with the web and ejb modules ..

I assume this should be enough to deploy it to JBoss .. But when I deployed it I got the following error ..

Could someone help me with the above error , correct me if I am missing something to configure the projects ..
Also it would be great if I get to look at step by step procedure to configure the EJB project to Jboss ..
Hope to get a quick response ..

Thanks in advance ..
11 years ago