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Recent posts by Vic Hood

How effective is the gear addition /removal mechanism of OpenShift? I am looking to create a mini web based application , but dont really know my consumer base yet. So will Openshift scale up/down automatically?
11 years ago
Hello Folks,

Ive written the following code that converts a 2d arraylist into a 2d matrix, but now I need to check that the matrix created is also square(num of rows = num of columns).

Could anyone explain how I could possibly modify my code to acheive that?

My code is
11 years ago
Im looking to learn Data Structures and their implementation . Does Think Python provide any sort of insight into them?
11 years ago
Thanks Dennis and Athira!

The problem was with not looking at the code from the right perspective. Thank you for the time!
12 years ago
Thanks for the reply Dennis.

I moved the if/else block into the if statement, however the program still doesnt work as expected.For instance, even if an element is actually present in the 'dotcom' , the program still results in a miss ,I some how feel that Im not being able to set the locationCells correctly in Any help on that would be great.

method that sets up the Game in DotComBust

12 years ago
Hi Folks,

Im trying to learn Java through HeadFirst and tried out some of their code on my own to build a sink-a -dot-com game. The game is simple, its supposed to take three user inputs and compare them as to whether they match those of the cells alloted to the dotcoms randomly.
Here's my source code


When I run this is what happens

Im pretty sure the problem is because of the element not being present in the list, then how am I being able to print hit? Any insight would be helpful, thanks!!
12 years ago
Hello Budi,
First off, I have a newbie question, how different is the Servlet 3.0 spec different from the earlier spec? How different would it be to code in it, when compared to the 2.5 spec?

Finally, does the book help n00bs in handling the transition well?

Thank you and Welcome to Javaranch!
12 years ago
Hey Folks,
Im trying to learn a little Python but I'm curious as to how far Python could help in an Enterprise setting like Java, most of the Python Ive seen so far either tends to be for scientific application or for trying out new things.
It would be great if the authors could chip in as well.
12 years ago
UPDATE: Was able to fix that error. However I get the following error now

What I dont understand is why is hibernate looking at person0_ instead of person, any input on this could be helpful. Thanks!
I'm trying to set up a small working sample of Hibernate that I found here.
However when I run the code I get the follwing error

But I already have a table by the name person in the database and here's my hibernate.cfg.xml

Content of the postgresql log file

It would be great if anyone could point out what Im doing wrong, as this is my first attempt at Hibernate.
What do you mean by it doesnt work ? What exactly is the problem?
12 years ago
Hey Eric,
Thanks for the reply!
But what I'm worried about is whether the issue would persist, despite a change of library, like I said before, and as for the hacking, I've tried changing the z-index in the css class of the library without any respite, any suggestions?
Hi Bear, thanks for the reply, would it be advisable to use JQuery and its UI, just for the calendar functionality? The thing is the calendar control works seamlessly on other pages, but not on this one, which seems to suggest that its gotta do with the tabs in place. What if I face the same issue with JQuery as well?

As to why I chose that library, it has worked well for me so far in all the other pages that I have used so far, in far we use it across applications.

I don't know if this question has been asked before, if yes a link would do.I'm trying to use a javascript-based calendar in a webpage(jsp) that Im building with tabs. I'm using this, to help generate the tabs in my JSP, I have a few fields that require dates and hence the calendar. A snippet of what's happening when I click on the calendar, is attached below. Any help would be great, Thanks!