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Recent posts by Hareendra Reddy

I have been revising algorithms for some days. Actually , i am not aware that iterative versions of the algorithms do exist but why they are not popular as their recursive counterparts.

Even the Arrays.sort method in java implements recursive quick sort.I heard that recursion causes overhead in maintaining the stack frames for each method call.

for e.g: Iterative version for merge sort is even simple. It first sort the adjacent elements and then the sorted pairs , so on.

I posted this question on StackOverflow too: but dint get a convincing answer.What are your views about this??

12 years ago
I want to know more about bit maps and all these things. can anyone suggest me some resources on internet etc..
12 years ago
Hello all,

While i am going through some code, i encountered the following code...

Can some one explain what those hexadecimal number doing inside srray subscipt....

Thanks in advance

thank you all... i just tried printing the array length it is just another way to provide size...
still doesnt understand what the "/8" is doing...
12 years ago
Congratz jackzia...
13 years ago
Actual registration and appearing for the exam takes place right after you arrive at the centre and you can postpone the exam as long as your voucher doesn't expire.
So, call your exam centre people and inform them.

Is there a way to change this behavior so that the contained object's equals is being used? It seems the extra construction of what could be a complex object just to be used as the comparator may be excessive. (I'm sure this is a no, but have been proven wrong before)

But the equals method of Employee class violates the equals contract i.e it is not symmetric.
May be i did not understand your point precisely.waiting for experts comments.
hi all,
You can review the multiple choice questions but if you try to review a drag and drop question ,the software will try to warn you and if you proceed further , the answer will be erased.
ExamLab interface is very similar to the real exam and checkout the scjp faq.

Rahul wrote:
Yo can try examlab (free) by devaka cooray to get the "feel" of the exam.

ExamLab is even better than real exam as it allows to review the drag and drop questions.
Here are some sample questions....

and you can buy practice exams from here...
In this windows path name C:\jdk1.6.0, \ is the file separator which is default for windows, and unix/linux uses forward slash (/) as file separator...
Exam will use unix conventions...
Welcome to JR. Whenever you have a new question, feel free to create a new thread.
and please use code tags.

Christian Daniel Ortiz Cuellar wrote:i heard that integer and char also has some kind of pooling.

Yeah,you heard true.Integers,Shorts,Bytes and Chars when their wrapped primitive value lies between -128 to 127, they too have pooling mechanism similar to Strings.

Lakshmi wrote:also on the first quesion instead of int [] array (int[] dz = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12};} ) if it has some other primitive variable (like just int or float..) then there could be 3 object created and one is eligible for garbage colleciton that correct??

if we replace with .then as you said 3 objects were created and one is eligible for GC.

Christian wrote:int is implicit boxed to Integer. this Integer A[] = {1,2,3,,4,5}; is perfectly legal.. as JDK 6. ilegal before JDK 6.

Remember , auto boxing is introduced in java 5. so it is illegal before jdk 5.

Christian wrote:On line 6 how its going to create two objects? There is only one "new" which means only one obect is created...same thing on the next line. Appreciate your help on this.

Yes, there is a single new ,but note that it got some instance variables, they are initialized when ever a new object of Dozens is created.if array variable would have been just a reference instead of initializing in that case it is initialized to null.

Lakhmi wrote:I understand how c i seligible for gor GC, but not clear hoe d is eligible for GC... d is first assinged to one object and that object is assigned to new a()..then how d is eligible for GC???

no object referenced by d is not eligible for is the anonymous object created in the chain assignment.Please go through this post.

You did it...
13 years ago
Hi prithvi..Welcome back,
i remember you told me to use code tags when i am new to this forum.
Things will be fine.
Best wishes for your exam.
13 years ago
Congratulations ...

Although wait/notify mechanism objectives have been removed from exam objectives i feel that they may still appear as methods of the Object class.
Can you say for sure that the questions involve the logic of wait/notify mechanism??.If they just appear as the options in multiple choice questions ,
we can safely eliminate them.

Still i remember what Bert has said here.

Bert bates wrote:Be aware that you *might* still get questions on recently removed objectives.
Again, in theory this shouldn't happen, but the reality is that it does. I would surmise that encountering *legacy* questions would tend to happen more in more remote or less trafficked test centers... that's just my surmise.

Can you share us the information about prometric center where you gave the exam??
BTW, When i gave the exam i did not get any questions from either Serialization or wait/notify concepts.