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Recent posts by satyro Bia

I deploy the ear on the admin server and managed server, and the webapp are deployed on the managed server
6 years ago
here the server stacktrace

6 years ago
Hi at all,
I have a problem with a shared library in bea 8.
I wants to create a jar for managed the response from a webservice,
So I create an ear file for a shared library that have this structure

in application.xml I have this

and in the manifest I have this

than I deploy this ear as library on admin serve and in managed server.

In my webapp in the WEB-INF\weblogic.xml I have this

When I deploy the webapp on server I retrive this error

Anyone can help me?
6 years ago
thank you for your reply, I solved this way.

context.xml in the server I have declared an Environment

and then I return the value in this way

I did not add anything in web.xml.
10 years ago

Victor Hugo Muniz Machado wrote:you canĀ“t do this ?

simple as that..

why not?

for jdbc there are no problem.

i try this

getting the same error
10 years ago

David O'Meara wrote:It looks like the first should be the correct one, do they all return the same error?

same error...

David O'Meara wrote:I'm also wondering if you should (could) store it as a String value (with escaped slashes) and then create a from the String.

you mean this?
String fi = (String)PortableRemoteObject.narrow(
env.lookup("url/fileprop"), String.class);

I tried now and the result is always that mistake
10 years ago

David O'Meara wrote:You need to escape the backslash (I think)

thanks for reply and for welcome.

I have already tried this solution, with the same result error, I tried also

I'm going crazy
10 years ago
I have a problem,I have basically set jndi 2, 1 to access a db and the other to access a properties file so you can manage some parameters outside the application, the jdbc jndi is read properly, instead of the jndi properties file I should be in error.

first of all I will explain my setup, I have a tomcat server 5.5, Struts 1.3, winxp, sp1 helios eclipse.

then in web.xml I have these lines of code

instead of the server in the context.xml I have these lines

and finally to retrieve jndi use these instructions

db connection when the call goes alright, the db is read and written.
when I call the properties file back to me this error

Someone can help me? and sorry for my English
10 years ago