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Recent posts by Kanika Jain

I failed as I had 10/10 for UML compliance but 19/30 for class diagram I think that is why?
I got 29/40 and failed. I got following explanations and failed. I got Factory Homes assignment.

- Missing LDAP system (Now I have added the new subsystem for LDAP) anything else I should add here.
- Email System (Added a subsystem now)
- External system (Not sure what external system) I added a 3D model generator now do I need to put interfaces or method names for subsystem?
- Missing ejb explanation. (I added interfaces now like an interface class for each Facade is that good enough)

I had added EntityBeans and marked them as Entity, POJO and I added sessionBeans and marked them as stateless. What else I could be missing please help I have only 1 week left to resubmit the assignment.

Thanks a lot.
I had shown what beans are stateless and entity using stereotype. Not sure then what else was missing, I didn't use DAO as I mentioned I would be using JPA/POJOs/entity beans would be used. The only thing I would imagine I was missing was the interfaces for the SessionBeans... any other clues would be helpful.
How about showing the annotations with the SessionBeans or Interfaces are better to show?
Yes I did not add any interfaces? And what do you mean by that?
This is so strange I also got the same comments "Missing EJBs/explanation" maybe same instructor looking for something specific details. I am also not sure maybe someone from the forum shed some light?