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Recent posts by Eric H.Y. Chen

Hi, all,
I'm studying the "SCEA for J2EE Techonology Study Guide".
When I study the example case on chapter 8, some of classes in the sequence diagram cannot be found in the class diagram, such as xxxxJSP, xxxxVO. Is this method correct and acceptable in real SECA exam? May any passed SCEA experts share your opinions?
Thanks in advance!

Originally posted by patrick jiang:
First, I took too much time on Part II. It last for about 1 year since I past Part I. I decided to complete it about 1 month ago, and finished it in about 2 weeks. I bought several books, but never read them. That's bad.
Second, I think we should have a realistic solution in this assignment, don't try to work on a ideal, perfect solution. Of course, we should understand what drawback the solution is. So that, we can explain it in Part III. In Part III, I try my best to persuade the examiner to give me 100%.
I wouldn't say too much about detail of my solution. But I will try to answer your questions.
Some classes in my class diagram have methods and attribute, but some doesn't. I even know somebody didn't put any method and attribute in diagram, but passed the exam. I slightly changed BDM.
My class diagram has several EJB just like a certification guide book did.

In terms of two kinds of presentation technologies are needed, how did you handle the presentation design with simple architecture? just MVC patterns are used in the diagrams? or different functional UI has been defined in it?
You will share your great experience and tips, won't you?
I think you can find the answer from the interview record between FBN CEO and Interviewer.
Good Luck!
Thanks for your sharing...Congs!!
I had also got it this morning.
Hope discuss with you all about this exam in the near future.
I am preparing SCEA part I exam now, I don't know which version of EJB will be tested in this exam?
EJB 1.1 or 2.0?
The same question with other related technologies. Those concepts are not addressed in EXAM OBJECTIVES.
Thanks in advance!
Eric H.Y. Chen

Originally posted by Chris Mathews:
Give Resin a try and compare it with Tomcat. They are both strong Web Containers, though most tests show Resin coming out on top in performance.
Apache Tomcat
You may find this interesting:
Servlet Container Performance Report.

Thanks, Chris.
The report is pretty good for me.
Sorry for my rude behavior.
I don't know which forum is suitable for my question.
In my case, stability and speed are most. Maybe Resin is a nice choise.
Any ideas?
I am making decision with choosing FREE servlet/jsp web server.
May anyone give me some advise for this?
Thanks in advance.
21 years ago
I am making decision with choosing FREE servlet/jsp web server.
May anyone give me some advise for this?
Thanks in advance.
I think I was mislead by my friends' design. I will redesign my assignment for resubmission.
Thank you all. Mark, Charles, Holmes, Gosling! Your suggestion make me more clearly.
Thanks again, Mark!
I think the Sun grader didn't agree with my design because combine local and network together. You're right!
That's very interesting that two of my friends passed last month with the same design approach.......
It depends on fate...
Anyway, thanks you again!
Thanks, Holme!
The command line I use is to launch the client GUI program. Then user can choose different mode by menubar. The steps of my assignment is following:
1. type command line to start the client GUI program.
2. Choose[Connect...] on menubar, then prompt a dialog box to request mode selection.
3. After that, connect to the specified db.
Because i cannot expect which mode the user will choose in GUI window, I need all arguments in command line, including RMI host, port #, and path of dbfile to prepare initialization.
Any ideas?

[ July 03, 2002: Message edited by: Eric H.Y. Chen ]
Thanks for your reply, Mark.
I can understand the viewpoint of your design. Maybe my geek design causes me failed.
But I'm still confused with that two of my friends are passed with the same design last month.