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Recent posts by Chintan Sanghavi

Congratulation Author for your great title.

I have a simple question in mind:

I have been a spring developer since years, and familiar with most of the concepts till Spring 3.0.
How this book can help in building the gap quickly upto 5.0 and prepare for the certification ?

Also, how the book can be helpful to pick up Microservices from ground up ?

Thank You
4 years ago
Congratulations Author for your new title!!

I have a simple question: With ever evolving Java landscape, we have landed into the era of Lambda Expressions and Modules now.
How this book can help to learn JDK8/9/11 concepts for exam perspective, and in general?
Congratulations Author !!

I just have a simple question in mind: How this book can be helpful in removing the multi-threading complexities from Core Java layer and move those to Spring ?

4 years ago
Congratulation the author on the release of you new title.

I have a few questions in mind:
a) How this book can help a seasoned programmer to strengthen concepts of DS and algorithms ?
b) How easy to follow the concepts discussed for any other known language like Java etc ?

Thank You.
4 years ago
First of all congratulations Authors for this great title.

Well, I have been a seasoned Java developer(server-side developer) for years now.
Just wanted to ask a basic question - what are the pre-requites to jump into server-less world ?

Can this book be a good self-starting point to enter to this new world ?

First of all Congratulations to the author for bringing "GO" to Head First series.
I have been fan of Head First series since years.

My question here is: GO seems to be really interesting in the sea of traditional languages.
Having years of experience in Java, looking to migrate to something fresh
How do you think GO can prove to be different from the crowd?
How the book can be helpful to understand GO conceptually from ground-up ?

Thank you.
5 years ago
First of all hearty congratulations to the Author for the updated version of one of the most loved Core Java title.

I just went through the topic covered in this book and have got a specific question in mind: We are a team of seasoned Java professional.
How this book can help us to learn new topics added (through JDK 9 to 11 ) quickly so that we start adopting them for our projects.

Specifically, the coverage around new Module systems, Date/Time API and new I/O APIs will be much useful.
5 years ago
First of all big congratulations to the authors to bring the latest edition of one of the most loved Java title.
I am fan of all the "Nutshell" series as all those cover the most important stories rather than superfluous details.

Being an experienced Java developer, I have a specific question:
How this book can help an experienced programmer to quickly adopt the new concepts of Modularity, I/O stream changes, Concurrency and memory performance updates to Java 9 & 11?
5 years ago
First of all congratulations to the authors for this new title.

Java and project development landscape have changed drastically recently. Everyone is talking about agility and microservices.

I would like to understand how this book can help the project team to adapt microservices architecture quickly? Of course, I assume team is well versed in Java and Spring development.
5 years ago
I am really excited to see my much awaited title is out now. Many thanks Craig for helping many Spring developers to put Spring really in action over through past four editions.

Spring as well as project development landscape has changed a lot over the years. Would like to understand how this revised edition can help to understand and adopt to micro-service architecture quickly, as it's need of an hour for today's agile world ?
5 years ago
Congratulations Authors!!

Just curious to know what new features have been covered in the title? Does it throw any light on basics of Spring Boot and Microservices?

How about hands on examples covered in the book?
6 years ago

Welcome Authors !!

It has been a few yrs now I have been using Spring Framework, but each and every time I read new posts/books, I find myself to discover something new !!

Just went through the ToC of your book. Feeling excited to know that it contains topics on Mongo DB integration.

Curious to know a little more : What it covers specifically to Restful services & Mongo integration ? Are there any modules to integrate with any other no-sql DB(specifically in Big Data family) ?

Thanks much.
7 years ago
Welcome Author !!

So, how is the book is different form its previous version ? Which new aspects of Java 8 are covered in the book ?

I have been a fan of SAMS Teach yourself Java in 21 days. Learning in 24 hours rather than 21 days is sounds cool

10 years ago
Welcome Authors !!

I guess Spring is one of the fastest growing framework in Java community currently !!

Excited to know more about your book: so which modules do you cover in the book ?

Can you elaborate more how it will help a new guy on the project to learn the framework quickly ?
10 years ago