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Recent posts by Keane sh

It's good for us. Thank you very much!
Hi Alexander,
Could you tell us where we can get the official information about the upgrade for SCEA?
[ July 09, 2002: Message edited by: Keane sh ]
I know about that the voucher is available for all prefix "310" .
Thank you for all the reply.
The links page above and the servlet+jsp spec are the recommond.I take it most for the preparation.
To faiza haris,Implicit Variables are not so hard in the exam ,the concept of each is needed. Security refers to authentication and authorization most. The relative TLD elements are needed.
And yes, Standard JSP Tag Library is not in the exam.
At last, thank you for all the ranchers again. If possible, I could take the Architect Certification within 2 years.
I'm so happy that I became a member of SCWCD.
Thank you all ranchers.
Thank you the supplier of SCWCD links.
Thank you for Ken Zrobok's notes, Miftah Khan's notes and Michelle's notes.
JavaRanch is a great web site for us!
I don't agree with both of you. URL rewriting is used in the case of the client's cookie is closed.You may find in the servlet2.3's spec.
I use the requestdispatcher() method to dispatch a jsp page,but I find the result between "forward" and "include" is no diffence.
And I couldn't find out the result of its description in JDK's API.
Thank you for you!
19 years ago