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Rohini Shirpewar

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Recent posts by Rohini Shirpewar

Congrats Pedro!!

I was monitoring this and SCWCD forums for your post and feedback about the new exam.. thanks for the feedback, it will surely help

Congrats again!

7 years ago
All the best Pedro! Looking forward to your feedback.. !

congratulations !! great score!
8 years ago
Congratulations !! well done!
8 years ago
Hi Hareendra,

I updated my original post. I hope it will help you in your preparation.

All the best!

8 years ago
I passed OCPJP 6 with 81%

Thanks to all the ranchers for helping get through!


Adding : my preparation

I went through the Kathy and Bert book two times. In the first round I did all the assigments and practice questions as they came in the book. (second round was quick one)
I went though the mock exams:
Cert Pal

Lastly (1 day before the exam) I took the master exam in the CD and my score was 51 and postponing the exam crossed my mind (However I did not postpone)

I recommend that as and when you finish the chaperts from K&B, take the section wise tests, that will ensure your understanding of the topics and if you aren't 100% sure about some topic, try to implement it and that should clear your doubts. (and java ranch and ranchers are always there to help.. )

8 years ago
Hello Abimaran,

Yes you are correct the c at line 17 belongs to the instance of ChicksYack.

However, at line 18 and 19 the new Thread is provided with new ChicksYack, which have their own c and those are not assigned anywhere.
Right? or my understanding isn't correct here ?


Here is the complete question.

Which are true? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Compilation fails
B. The output could be 4 4 2 3
C. The output could be 4 4 2 2
D. The output could be 4 4 4 2
E. The output could be 2 2 4 4
F. An exception is thrown at runtime

The c at line 17 is assigned, however it belongs to the Thread main. Notice that, two new Threads are provided with new ChicksYack(), they have their own c, which has not been initializes anywhere.


Hi Sthita,

If for some reason you do not want your class to be instantiated by any other class by saying New MyClass(), then you can provide the getInstance method which will return the object of the class. This is done when you want to limit the instances of the class.

The example of the getInstance() method instead of the new MyClass() is a Calender class. You are not allowed to say new Calendar(), if you need a Calender instance you have to use the static method getInstace() (Calender.getInstance).

Hope this helps.

I came across this question in cerPal and I got confused in 3d array.

I understand that 2d array is a array of arrays. how does it work with 3d, 4d arrays ?

This should work.

Hi Gary,

I am preparing for SCJP6 and as far as I know NaN stuff has been removed from the SCJP6.