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Recent posts by Rumesh Eranga

Hi everyone,

I am trying to develop a simple Remote administrating tool using Corba. But when I try to execute the program, it gives me errors. I have provided the source code of my file and the error I get.

In this code I am starting the orbd program using . That's the line I get error. So I tried to start the orbd manually in the command prompt. But still gets the same error.


7 years ago
There is a site called

It doesn't provide tuts exactly for exam but there are plenty of video tutorials. Trust me you will like that site..
try some hangman, puzzle and some file sharing programs are fun to work except building calculator. Try all of them.

good luck mate.
9 years ago
you got your answer from many people right??
9 years ago
try executeUpdate() method...

It is better if you can post the error that you getting mate..

Anayonkar Shivalkar wrote:Hi Rumesh Eranga,

I'm not completely sure, but I guess by explicit control transfer, they meant break and continue.

Since those two keywords do not necessarily need any condition to occur, we can say that those are explicit control transfer statements.

I hope this helps.

Hay Anayonkar Shivalkar,

Thank you very much for the reply. I also just got confirmed that your answer is correct.

Thank you very much.
9 years ago
In java control statements are if , for , while and do while statements, but what are explicit control transfer statements??

In my college exam paper, there was a question to name two explicit control transfer statements. It just confused me.

I did some googling and yet i couldn't found the answer.please help

Thanks in advance.
9 years ago
Check this

This web site has so many video tutorials on many programming languages check that out.
9 years ago
Hay guys,

I am trying to develop a desktop application to explore my mobile phone memory card and phone memory through Bluetooth.
Is there are samples available to download?
If you guys know please suggest me the API's to use.

Thank you in advance

9 years ago
Why don't you start with notepad?

Start with notepad till you feel satisfy with language little bit and then try to move on to an IDE.
9 years ago
Thank you Vishal for sharing these videos with us. I suggest you to check out as well. That site also contains lot of videos on various programming languages including java.

Thank you again.
9 years ago
Sometimes virus infections cause this problem..
9 years ago
9 years ago
If you have never programmed, try to use notepad first. When you feel that you are comfortable with the programming language, move into an IDE..

Good luck
9 years ago

When creating the connection object Please check how to give oracle db dtails to this argument.If you using my sql it shud be like above.

Hope this helps.