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Recent posts by Kacem Bel

Ok I see, except that it is telling me that the voucher is Suspended and not expired :/

thanks anyways
Hi meeta;

What do you mean by "similar different exam version" ? does it mean that I'm not using it the right way?
by the way I'm trying to apply it for the 1Z0-899 OCE-WCD exam, how should I proceed in your opinion?

Hi guys,

I have purshased 2 vouchers for 2 Java exams it's been a while, they have both expiration date at 31-AUG-2013 , lately when I tried to apply them for my exam at PearsonVue a message appears and tells me that "the voucher is SUSPENDED and can no longer be used"
I don't understand what is going on, and they dont even tell why it is suspended
is there something I can do about it? thanks in advance

- Kacem
Thanks for your clarifications I will definitely take them in consideration!

Still I can't understand how the view could be expired in a matter of few secondes... and only when I use the forward action :/
I will start from scratch and run a basic web application with only 1 view and 1 servlet and see what happens :)
8 years ago

Thank you!! I see your point, now I've been using the <h:graphicImage library="images" name="logo.png" /> and it's working fine now,
however when my actual page X is loaded I have a menu that is using a primefaces commandLink :

The foo() function returns the name of a facelet page inside my application,
Now in case I did a forward from the servlet to that page X and I click on the "My Link" commandLink I got everytime a ViewExpiredException
I don't know what I'm missing exacly? :confused:
8 years ago
Hi Tim,

Thanks for reply, I found the problem, I have an image resource in my facelet template like that:

When I do a redirect and I look at the browser I see the image file is brought within the url : https://localhost:8443/contextAPP/module1/images/logo.png
And when I do a forward the url looks like this : https://localhost:8443/images/logo.png

Thats why the browser never finds the image and I dont know why in case of forward the contextApp/module1 isnt there ...?
8 years ago

I have an application developped with JEE6 (JSF2/EJB/JPA) under JBoss 6 AS, I'm trying to do a forward from a servlet to a JSF page, it works but it just dont bring the CSS and images files,
and when I try the Redirect instead it works fine and brings everything...
I have to do it with forward because I need to keep the address in the bar, so if you have any ideas or suggestions they will be welcome

thanks in advance :)
8 years ago

It worked just as it is.. I think there was something wrong with JBoss AS itself

thanks anyways for your feedback : )
8 years ago
Hi there,

I just passed the EJB 3.1 certification I would like to thank Frits and Ivan for the great job they have done writing the notes to help people preparing for this exam
I have read also the Pro JPA2 twice and used of course the great ENTHUWARE mock exam it's definetely a must have and I will get the OCE-WCD version of it for my next Cert
I wish good luck for everyone else planing to take the exam

8 years ago
Hello guys,

I have a JEE6 web application [JSF2] under JBoss 6.0.0 final on eclipse, i have installed the SSL and everything works fine, then i wanted to exclude some ressources from being forced to use SSL,
I added the following to web.xml:

Now that i have made the exception for the URL above, i dont know why i still can't access the URL : http://localhost:8080/appname/folder1/index.jsf
and it becomes accessible when i turn it to : https://localhost:8443/appname/folder1/index.jsf , which means that it is still forced to use SSL

please give me advices or anything that could help resolving this, thanks in advance


8 years ago
Hi Amritendu

First, many thanks to Amritendu and to the CodeRanch for this book promotion, and my question is:

This book is focused on which version of JEE5 or JEE6? and in your opinion in how much time the JEE6 Architect certification will be released?
and does it make since to take the JEE5 architect certification now or better off to wait for the JEE6 version?

CONGOOOOOOO I'm very happy for you Noura you did a great job!
8 years ago
Hi Ulf Dittmer,

Hmm i see, i think i will go for mod_rewrite, thanks for the tips ;)
8 years ago

I can take any suggestions even if it's not in the JEE6
8 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'm running a JEE6 application on JBoss AS6, i need to do some URL redirection in such way if a user type : www.mydomaine.com/username, he will be redirected to the profile of the user with the given "username",

the problem is that when you type the username after the domaine name, JBoss AS is thinking about it as an application context and it gives me a 404 resource not found...

is there any solution in JEE6 to accomplish this need ?

thanks in advance

8 years ago