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Recent posts by Aleksandar Ivanov

I am making a j2me application which passes amr audio from one device to another over the network via udp.
As you know udp isn't that reliable and you can't expect that everything you send will be received.
My question is how to make the device on the other side play random chunks of amr audio?
I saw that there is a header at the beginning of each file but i still don't know how to assemble valid amr content from the received datagrams?

I am making a blackberry application if this could be useful.
10 years ago
Thanks for the reply!

Its a great starting material on some networking topics.
It helped me to clarify some info and to know better what to look for.

Any ideas how I can make a connection through a proxy server with j2me?
10 years ago
Hi all,

I have been following the forums for about an year but haven't made an account for some reason.
I have the following struggle.
I am making a Blackberry application which uses networking - the standard j2me interfaces are used in blackberry development too.
I have to make a connection to a virtual private network(vpn).
For blackberry i found info claiming that you have to create a vpn account on the device manually then set it for a wifi connection and then your code will work.
I was wondering is it possible (if I know the authentication information for the vpn server I will be accessing) to pass that info over a ssl or some other connection( or something similar i am not sure) and do the authentication behind the scenes and not to have to make the user set up a vpn account on the blackberry device ?

Sorry if this is a duplicate thread.

If it is not clear ask me to clarify what i am trying to do

Thanks in advance
10 years ago