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Recent posts by Subhendu Mahanta

It is also available in Hibernate reference section 1.1.6. Startup and helpers.
Because reference is also written by same people: Christian Bauer & Gavin King.
Here is your HibernateUtil class:

I wanted to mean "Thanks Ran".Sorry for the typo.
Thanks Ron.
You are correct that this is part of a learning experience.There is no need for address to point back to customer.Let's say there are 2 entities A & B which have a bi-directional association. In that case I think shared primary key will be the preferred technique.
I have 2 entities :Customer & Address.

With @OneToOne and @JoinTable looks like this:


When I try to persist a customer I get the following stack-trace:

I have tried this change in Address entity:

with no effect. Surely this could be done without using JoinTable.But I want to do it this way for academic interest.Is it possibe?