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Recent posts by amit vikram ghajni

K. Tsang wrote:Have you checked out the I/O section of the Java Tutorials?

yes sir i have checked . Most of the tutorial deals with the java API for I/O.
I need the complete basic so i can implement it in my own customized way.For eg. when i read a byte of data from stream what comes in the program how java interprets it and what comes on the console/terminal?
11 years ago
Hi all
please help me learn basic of I/O. My questions are

1. how java reads the byte and convert them into characters?
2. oprating system converts from byte to character or java.?
3. How does character encoding work?
4. How does plateform(O/S) effect I/O?
5. when to use which class for reading writing data to socket.and why?

please suggest me book or tutorial.

NOTE:-please dont say how to create Stream and Readers.I can find that in books.
11 years ago

RohitMisra Rm wrote:Hi Amit
I think you should include the MessageDrivenContext and EntityContext as well in order to understand the whole picture.
The above two, in addition to SessionContext are subclasses of EJBContext .

The EJBContext provides access to the container-provided runtime context of an enterprise bean instance. For example a bean can find out about the user that invoked that bean with the use of getCallerPrincipal() and isCallerInRole() methods, or lookup a resource in the bean's naming context using the lookup() method.

The subclasses have specialized methods according to the requirements of the bean type they serve. For eg, SessionContext has getEJBLocalObject and getEJBObject methods to pass a reference to the bean itself in a method argument or result. Such functionality is not required by MDBs, so these methods are absent in the MessageDrivenContext.

Hope that helps.
- Rohit

thanks rohit. I am getting the complete picture now.
someone please explain the uses of sessioncontext and EjbContext.why it is there?how it fits to the architecture of EJB ?I need the understanding of it.please help

note:- Please don't say how to use it?I can find it in books.
thanks in advance.
12 years ago
recentally ,i have started learning web services.but i am not getting the place start with.i am getting confused with the topics .where shoul i start from?please help.
suggest me books.And tutorials please.
12 years ago
today i have passed ocp/jp with 86%.
I really thanks,all of you for helping me.and "Sierra and Bates for such a wonderful book
Last but not he list "Dev" for creating ExamLab..
thanks all......
13 years ago
m going for ocp/jp next week.i have studied k@b book 2 times..
now m working with ExamLab....but getting poor score...
what should i do more?
any one i need help?