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Recent posts by vinoth Robert

   I have a data table with thousands of data. i have a search functionality. if I search a term, the row which contains the term has to be highlighted and scroll position should be on the row. it is working fine. but it takes too much of time to position the scrollbar. this leads to performance issue. can anyone help to fix this.

currently i have set style class to the match row. searching for the style class and calculating the position and setting it with jQuery.

is there any other way?
thanks in advance.
4 years ago

I have an instance of tomcat running. there are two applications (app1 & app2) running in the same instance of tomcat.

I have sub-domains too. I would like to redirect one sub-domain to one app. I did some study and i have configured mode_proxy(reverseproxy) with Apache 2.4.7.
Applications are routed correctly.

Now the problem is only first page is loaded. In that also css and image files are not loaded. I have given my confg. file here.

I could not my mistake. can any one help me?


I have developed a web service to give customer name and id as xml String.
I have checked it was working fine.

But my client says that he could not get the xml string. instead of that he got an error message

"xml limit exceeded 10000 characters"


Is there any limitations for the string?
Hi friends,

I am developing a Java project.
The requirement is to read data which comes at high rate.

For example

20 systems produces some results. the result will be sent to my system(20 result may come per second/minute).

I have to read that 20 results, store it in my database and give acknowledgement to each of that.

In this case,

Which one is best Web service or socket programing ?

please help me...

good noon...

i am using mysql database in my java application.
i've connected mysql stored and retrieved from database using my java program.

now my problem is i need to run a long process. that means 5 functions that is needed to run one by one (each function connects database do some work).
while doing this i am getting this exception

Unable to connect to Communications link failure due to underlying exception:

MESSAGE: Address already in use: connect

STACKTRACE: Address already in use: connect
at com.mysql.jdbc.StandardSocketFactory.connect(
at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.<init>(
at com.mysql.jdbc.Connection.createNewIO(
at com.mysql.jdbc.Connection.<init>(
at com.mysql.jdbc.NonRegisteringDriver.connect(
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)
at mrf_general.DBConnection.getConnect(
at mrf_general.DataBase.update_SAPlog(
at importSAP.ScheduleMyJob.updateStockInTransit(
at mrf_general.ScheduleMRF.RunSchedule(
at Schedule.MrfSuserSchedule$1.startSchedule(
at Schedule.MrfSuserSchedule$
at Schedule.Scheduler$
at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
at Source)


I could not find why this exception occurs.

any one help me.....
What does it mean by


. I dont understand.
10 years ago
I'm working in a web application.
I have to restrict the user login for this I need to get the Mac Address of the client machine for checking the login.
is there any idea?
10 years ago

I have created a webservice in java. it is running in tomcat server. I could call it from my java program. it works fine.
this is the url for my service:


And my requirement is to call that webservice from a mobile application.

can any one give me sample program or reference?

thanks in advance.
10 years ago
I am working in SAP interfacing domain. It is a Unicode System.

I need to create a Server which listens the SAP via RFC. when ever an action made in SAP RFC tells my server.
for this,
I have created Server and it Listens to RFC.

for a simple function module STFC_CONNECTION and STFC_STRUCTURE it worked fine.

for a


it works and returns table with 0 rows. in SAP side when i execute the BAPI giving RFC reference it says


if I leave the RFC_REF field empty, it returns result in table with 20 rows.

here i is my handleRequest function

Is there any authorization is needed for my RFC program id ? or something else?
10 years ago

this is my problem.

I have a XML file. I don't know the node(tag) names in that XML file.

i need to read the node values.

How to do this. I know to read values by giving the node name.

for example

help please..
10 years ago
I am working in a jsp web application.
in that i am

storing the login time and logout time in database.

its working fine.....

the problem is when the session timeout (ends automatically) i could not get the logout time.

i think i need to call a function before the session timeout.

is it correct? if so how to solve this?

or any other solution?
hi Ulf Dittmer,

I could not understand your reply.

see this is my problem..... is my systems default ip (localhost);

100.987.0.28 is my TCP/IP ip (system is connected in LAN).

If I call 100.987.0.28:8080 from other system in LAN my application works fine.

if I call then it is not working.

in host file I just configured

should i add 100.987.0.28 also in host file?
10 years ago

yes i'm using static ip address as 100.987.0.28. and web app is as ROOT only.

where to set up the DNS entry for "" to point to the static IP address of this machine?

10 years ago

It works fine when call my ip in LAN

10 years ago