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Recent posts by Niraj Chaudhary

My plugin currently uses the plugin "org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility" for running, and I would like to remove that, for the following reason.

My activator class has the constructor with IPluginDescriptor argument defined, which simply calls the super class's constructor. I am using Eclipse Galileo. Now, when I just remove this constructor from the code, build the plugin, the plugin won't start. I get this java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: <init>(org.eclipse.core.runtime.IPluginDescriptor). This is correct exception, since the method does not exist.

But, why is it thrown when I remove the dependency of org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility from the Manifest editor? I googled on this and found out that that constructor is called only when my plugin explicitly depends on the compatibility plugin. Is there any other way to remove this?

Please help.

Thank you very much in advance.
Thanks for clearing that out.

What is the system variable/ or eclipse variable that eclipse uses to get the JVM by default, when not specified by the "-vm" option in ini file?
I have eclipse with default settings for the PDE. Jre6 is installed on my machine.
I have an eclipse plugin built from the PDE. When I test it on my machine (by saying Run As... Eclipse Application), the plugin is running perfectly.
But for someone who has jre5 installed on his machine, the plugin fails to run and says java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError while loading one of the plugin's classes.

Now, I have solved this by putting the -vm option with the path to javaw.exe of jre6 as the value in eclipse.ini The plugin then runs as intended.

Can anyone please tell me how to avoid this step, and have a setting in the build environment, so that the classes are loaded even on jre5 eclipse ? There seem to be many options to do this, like the Execution Environment setting in Target Platform, or in Overview of MANIFEST editor, but so far, I have not been able to get the setting which does not require me to do the above correction manually.

Thanks for your replies in advance.
I am trying to run a ".exe". And the main class called from the exe is present in a .zip file. The contents of the zip are shown below. The main class is "pkgLib.ProgABDriver".

8 years ago

I have a java application that is started from an executable. When I try to run that, This error pops up "Title: Java Virtual Machine Launcher" saying "Could not find the main class. Program will exit."

This error is coming when the application is tried to run on some machines (that's what I think), and not for all the users. Following are the steps that have been suggested, but the error still persists:
1.Uninstall any older/ multiple versions of java from the Windows machine and keep only the latest one.
2.Point the environment variable "CLASSPATH" to the directory where "java" is present, and also to the main class of my application.
3.Try installing the tool on a different machine (in the same network domain).

I have seen many posts in this and other forums on this topic, and the solutions suggested above have been taken from them, but the solution for my problem here is not there. It may be a trivial mistake or something else, but please help me out, as I am only a beginner in trying to solve such problems.

Also, if you can please tell me how do I get this error, on my machine, that would be great? Something to understand the steps causing the problem. I don't get the error pop-up on my system.

Thank you so very much in advance!
8 years ago