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William Kim

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Recent posts by William Kim

When I go to Go to section 'Server Location', the radio button and all the section was greyed out. Why is that?

On Server tab
>Select Tomcat Server (the one you are trying to start)
> Right Click - Select Open
> Go to section Server Location
>Selct Radio button for Use Tomcat Installation
>Set Server Path to //:the_tomcat_home_location
>Set Deploy Path to //:the_tomcat_home_location
8 years ago
Thank you all for the kind questions ans answers. I joined the forum to inform my fix.

[1] Go to Project->properties->Java Compiler
Select 1.6 but this is not enough. Momentrarily when I saw to the link to installed JREs, I changed to jrockit_160_17_R28.0.0-679 as below.
When you can't see the link to JREs change. Simply do the following.

[2] Go to windows->preferences->java->installed JREs
Selected C:\Oracle\Middleware\jrockit_160_17_R28.0.0-679 (instead of C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07, though not sure)

[3] Go to Project->properties->resource
UTF-8 for Text file encoding (maybe not critical)
Windows for New text file inline delimiter (maybe not critical)

Good day every day.
8 years ago