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Recent posts by oli mueller

Thanks for your reply:

hmm...Based on what your are saying, the DreamCars Application does NOT directly interact with the Scheduling System at all, correct?? The only interaction you describe is that the SCHEDULING SYSTEM (which is an external system) calls the INVENTORY SYSTEM (which is also an external system). In that case, I would not model the SCHEDULING SYSTEM at all, since it is not directly involved, right?? I mean, the assignment is about the DreamCars Application, not about modelling workflows between other external systems, right??

I would be interested IF and WHERE exactly other people who have passed the Dream Cars Assignment have modelled the SCHEDULING SYSTEM?? I mean, in which use case...who is calling it is absolutely unclear to me...

Thanks for your help...

I have just started my Dreamcar assignment and would be grateful for advice from you, exp. from people who have passed this assignment..:

1.) Inventory system in use case "Schedule Work in Factory"???
It says there, that "the system sends the bid details to the INVENTORY SYSTEM so that the work that relies on the parts request can now be scheduled" ==> is that a typing error?? Why should the inventory system be involved with the factory scheduling?? Do they mean the scheduling system instead???

2.) In general, in which use case do you see the Inventory System involved??
In the actual use case descriptions it is not explicitely mentioned (apart from the "Schedule work in Factory" use case where it is obviously a was thinking that it might be involved in the "Post Request For Parts" use case. There it says that the system reponds with a validation that the part and quantity is valid bid request. I thought that here the inventory system is called to get the number of parts in stock and to "validate" that a dreamcar employee does not create a bid request for parts that are already in stock.....does that make sense??

Thanks for your answer..


I have submitted both my assignment & essay in June 2011. I never tried to log onto CertView, because I thought the Pearson Vue page would be enough. But since I have not received my results, yet I tried to log on to Oracle CertView.....but how do I do this???

---> (1) What would be my CertView username and password??? I tried my testing ID and my pearson Vue user name, but both failed....
---->(2) I then tried to create a new account and expected that at some point I would be asked to enter my testing ID, but there was nothing apart from my personal details...
Hence, I cannot see any certification history....(...

So, does anybody know how i can log onto certview and view my certification history??...Do I really need it, or will I be notified by email or via PearsonVUE??....

Thanks a lot for your help.
thanks for your answer,

basically, for the locking i have a hashmap<Integer, Long> - the keys being the record numbers and the values being the lock cookies.....however, in the unlock, delete, update methods I have mixed it up by writing:

the containsKey() should of course have the recNo as a parameter...essentially, the SecurityException will never be thrown...apart from that, thinking about it the whole approach of using containsKey is weird with a few days distance from the thing...not sure, what was riding me...

Is there any time delay between getting the failure notice and getting the details on the failure ???....
With regards to avoiding the course: Is it correct, that the date of the resubmission counts and not the date when the resubmitted assignment has been assessed by Oracle?? I mean, 4-6 weeks from today I should get my results before end of july - if I resubmit immediately, I would still be fine....but if they count the day, when they have finished the assessment of the resubmitted assignment it would be way after 1st august i guess..

hi folks,

after going through all the hazzle of getting vouchers, fighting through the uncertainties of the Pearson VUE website etc., I finally managed to upload my assignment and i will have my exam tomorrow...

Unfortunately, during the preparation for my exam I noticed a subtle but fatal bug.......i think, the chances that i automatically fail are 99:1.....

(1) What options do I have to finish everything without having to take the 5 day course??
(2) If I fail, can I immediately resubmit ??? If my resubmitted assignment is ok, will I have to do the course???
(3) When is the earliest day, I can resubmit??...I guess, I have to wait a couple of weeks until I get the results of my initial assignment and then I can straightaway resubmit or do I have to wait a certain amount of time??..

Thanks a lot..

i was apparently on the right track...i issued my voucher, clicked next and it looked as if i am starting a new test, but then there was an upload button...


Can you please help me...I have everything to upload my assignment to Person VUE, but I am afraid of doing it wrong..I just dont trust these bastards!!....

Here is what I have:
(1) I have received the voucher from Oracle (I utterly hate this bloody company)
(2) I have created a Web Account with Person VUE 2 weeks ago
(3) Thanks to this forum, I found out how to find the 1Z0-844 (I went, select IT and Oracle, selected the well-hidden "Master Assignments" link at the very bottom and logged in)
(4) I selected the 1Z0-844 --> it says 300$ and at the bottom I can enter a Voucher Number
(5) I enter the voucher number and the price goes down to 0$

Then I cancelled, because:....I am afraid that I was just about to "buy" another UrlyBird Assignment, but I just want to upload the stupid thing...

==> Was I on the right track??? Does anybody of you have successfully uploaded the assignment??....Can anybody provide a step-by-step list of what has to be done???...I am usually not so stupid, but all this chaos with Oracle makes me paranoid...


thanks for your answer. However, I am still a bit unsure. In the assignment it says "your submission must have been tested and shown to work under a production version of the Java 2 platform and that the platform must not have been superseded by a new production version for more than 18 months"

==>(1) What do they mean by "production version"?? I have just seen that java 1.6.0 (the version I am using), was released in 2006 (!!!) In between there have been several updates, the last being 1.6.0_25 ==> do these updates count as versions or will the next version be Java 1.7???

==> I know that I can type java- version, but I was unsure if I also have to put the second and third line into the version.txt (
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0-b105)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.6.0-b105, mixed mode)

Thanks a lot,

I have literally finished with my assignment and am ready to submit and book the exam. However, I think there is complete chaos between Oracle and Person VUE..nobody knows maybe one of you knows...

(1) According to the email from Person VUE you need a voucher from Oracle to upload your assignment IF you have already sent your assignment to Oracle before.

==> Now, I have not sent my assignment to Oracle yet. Do I still need this voucher?? Can I get this voucher from Oracle without having submitted the assignment???

(2) Could I send my assignment to Oracle via email, then go to Pearson VUE and book the essay without the voucher, and then (later) go back to Pearson VUE to upload the assignment again with that mysterious voucher???
==>The reason is that I am in a hurry to finish everything in time - so I would rather do the essay now....

(3) Is there a contact telephone line for the Certification at Oracle??? I would actually like to explain my problem to a human being....I found that sending emails to suncert@oracle is more confusing and timewasting than helpful.....they have only some complete muppets there, that only send you some standard emails back without actually answering......

Hi folks,

I am about to submit. One stupid question - i am to blind to find the release date of java version 1.6.0. Is that still a good version to submit the assignment this month??.....
Can you give me an example of your content of the version.txt??

Mine looks like this: java version 1.6.0
Platform: Windows 7

Thanks a lot.

This is Oracle's reply to my inquiry - obviously, they just dont care....really unfair I think. I can only encourage people to send them their complaints and avoid the company as much as they can!!!

Dear Madams and Sirs,

I have read that you have recently changed your regulations regarding the former "Sun Certified Java Developer" Certification. More specifically, it is said that the new certification requires the attendance of special training courses, unless everything (the UrlyBird application (Java Developer Assignment 310-252A) and the essay (310-027)) have been completed by 31st July 2011.

I would be grateful for the following clarification on this matter:

(1) I have purchased the URLYBird Test on January 17 2011, based on the clear expectation of cost and time this would involve according to YOUR regulations stated at this time. I therefore, assume that I will not be required to attend any additional courses because these changes have been introduced and publish AFTER I have purchased my test. Is this correct? At the time I purchased the test, it was clearly stated that I have 1 year to complete the test and that there will be no additional courses - it would therefore be highly unfair to impose new regulations to applicants who have already started!

(2) If I submit my assigment before July 31st 2011 and if I fail, will I be able to resubmit WITHOUT attending the additional training courses??

I look forward to your reply and I hope that Oracle takes the concerns of their customers seriously and treats them fairly. Please find below my certification purchase details.

Kind regards,

===> Their answer ===>


Thanks for mailing Oracle Certification Program.

Here are the answers to your queries:

It is important that you submit your assignments allowing enough time to take the Essay Exam and to resubmit the assignment if you happen to fail the first attempt. Your assignment will take four weeks to grade and must be submitted prior to registering for the essay.

You should submit your assignment, allowing four weeks for grading plus any additional time you will need to take the essay and resubmit the assignment in the event you do not pass initially. Keep in mind that completion of your essay will depend on test center availability.

In order to ensure that you have at least one week to resubmit if you fail, you should submit your assignment and complete your essay by June 25, 2011. Any assignments and essays submitted after June 25 cannot be guaranteed to receive a grade in time to resubmit before the July 31 deadline.

If you receive a failing grade on your assignment after July 31, 2011, you will be required to resubmit the assignment and meet the training requirement. You should also note that it is your responsibility to ensure you have enough time to complete the essay after submitting the assignment, allowing for limited test appointments.

Oracle will not be able to extend the deadline for candidates who submitted their assignments too close to the deadline and were unable to get an essay appointment in time.

OCP Team

Thanks Roel,

(to 1) that's a big relief, but I wonder how Oracle can verify if I forged the instructions if I can type them....has anybody passed the exam with handing in a self-typed instruction file? I am really afraid they are running some kind of automated checks (maybe they have somewhere a magic cookie)...

(to 2), I understand this as YES - registering for the exam and sending the jar after the registration is allowed...

Good night...

because of the recent news (mandatory courses from beginning of August), I tried to package my application. I have one problem and one question - please advise:

(1) In my instructions, it says that in the runme.jar I must create a directory called docs with "these instructions" at the top level. Now, at the time I purchased my certificate, i was directed to some strange screen, showing the instructions. I printed the instructions at the time, but I dont have a word or text file....The only thing I could download was a folder, which contained the data file db-1x1.db.

==> what did you do? Can I just type the instructions in a text file?? If not, does anyone of you still have the instructions file???

(2) The question: When can I register for the exam??...Can I do this now (without having submitted my URLY-bird jar?) I quickly skimmed through another post and read something of a 2 months waiting time??...If possible, I would like to register as soon as possible and then submit the i am safe to finish everything before August...

Thanks for your help..

Kind regards...
Thanks Roel...I will send the email today....and by the way: my compliments and regards to an outstanding forum moderation!!
Have a nice sunday everybody.
wow..interesting how these discussions evolve..;)...

....well, of course the localisation is NOT required and people pass with just string constants....I actually also believe that adding language properties etc. like Jonathan described takes it too far.....I will not provide resource bundles for different languages or Gui options to switch the locales or whatever - all I thought is that I just use a resource bundle, because (1) resource bundles is not much more difficult to implement than String constants and (2) resource bundles are a bit more "professional" and flexible (I would say) than String constants...

Having slept over it, i got also afraid of unexpectable things missing rights to read the property files, SecurityException of the class loader or whatever....because at least I am very very paranoid with this certification process, probably with the String constants you are at least on the safe side....;)

Thanks anyway