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Recent posts by kiril simeonov

Hi everybody,
I have a question about making a single column of a JTable uneditable. I've found a couple of methods in JTable class which handle selections only. Can anybody help...
18 years ago
Hi , guys
does anybody know how to make only onetree selected in an application which shows three trees simultaniously.
Untill now I can select both trees at a time (the third one is not implemented yet ) This is probably so because the trees are showed in different panels I have no idea....Please give me some hints or ideas.
I thank you in advance
20 years ago
HI, everybody
I work on an application which should implement three trees displaying differends conditions of a node.
In my case I have one main tree (containing parent and child nodes)and two other trees.Every node can have three conditions so if the node is in condition one I want to have it displayed in the main tree (in this tree remains the node always displayed) and in one of the other two trees (but only in one of them) ,if the node is in condition two - again in the main tree an in one of the other two trees.If no condition was set the node remains simply displayed in the main tree.
The point is keepeng all the three trees updated if any changes happen in one of them.
For example:
if I want to remove a child node from one parent (Group) to another in the main tree and the node is in let's say in condition one this have to happen in "tree one" too.
Can anybody tell me how to procede in this case.
I thank you in advance
20 years ago
Hi group, I have two questions which made my life pretty unpleasant.
1. I try to edit tree nodes which contain custom Icons but at the moment as I start editing them my these vanish (Java replace them with default ones)and when I am ready with the editing they are displayed again.
I suppose I have to define my own CellEditor which extends DefaultTreeCellEditor but what I have exactly to do ???
2.The second question also concerns the editing.My problem is not managing to edit a cell again after a non valid entry has been made.The situation looks like this:
/**Adding the node to the tree*/
DefaultMutableTreeNode newNode = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("");
DefaultTreeModel model = (DefaultTreeModel)tree.getModel();
model.insertNodeInto(newNode, selectedNode,
/**Starting editing at Path*/
TreePath treePath = new TreePath(model.getPathToRoot(newNode));
So far so good...
Then I take the value of the editor with
String newName =(String)tree.getCellEditor().getCellEditorValue();
and then I say for example
With other words if the entry is empty start editing again but I didn't work.
If anyone can help me understand my problem better than please do make your contributions. I would appreciate that much.
I thank you all in advance
20 years ago