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Recent posts by Jon Perry

Oh and by the way, if I draw the categories in the opposite order (and therefore only the red category is shown) all the tooltips are visible. So where the green category is, but cannot be seen, the tooltip for it is shown.
Thanks for the response,

I know the origin of the issue, I was just wondering if there was a way to change the behaviour of the tooltip/link generators.

I need the graphs to be displayed as stacked areas, a stacked line chart would be misleading in this case

I defined the categories in my producer class in the opposite order, but now, instead of just showing the link for the red category it now just displays the tooltip for the green category. Even on the sections where you cannot see the green category, which is even more strange behaviour.

On further inspection...
The categories are reversed but as the red category must be drawn first (otherwise it draws on top of the other categories) it doesn't matter what order the categories are defined as the red category is still treated as the first by the tooltip and link generators. It appears as though the green tooltip is being shown as it retrieves the series name from the definition not the dataset. If I use the dataset passed to the tooltip generator to print out the series name it, again, only shows the red category.

I'm beginning to think that this is something that is impossible to achieve which is disappointing. If there is anything else that you could suggest it would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I have used cewolf area chart to create a stacked area chart.

My dataset comprises of 3 categories. The first category drawn; "scope 1" is drawn as scope 1 + scope 2 + scope 3, scope 2 is then drawn as scope 2 + scope 3 and finally scope 3 is drawn simply as scope 3 to create the stack. The chart displays perfectly but the problem comes when I look at the tooltips and the links, no matter where I place the cursor it will always display the tooltip/link for scope 1.

I assumed as scope 2 was drawn on top of scope 1 and scope 3 on top of scope 2 that the area drawn last would be the one that displays the tooltip and link but this doesn't appear to be the case. Is there anything that I can do to alter this?

An example of my cewolf:

My data producer retrieves the relevant data per month for all 3 scopes and displays them as scope 1, then the data for scope 2 and 3 and displays them as scope 2 and finally displays scope 3 data as scope 3.

The generate link method in graphStackTest simply returns the name of the series and the tooltip generator returns the series name, category name and tco2e value.

If you place your cursor over the green area on the graph below the tooltip and link for the red area behind are still generated.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I'm in my final year of a computer science course and I'm trying to create an environmental management system.

I have created a database in Oracle 10g express and I'm using JDeveloper 11g.

The system is to be implemented on my client company's intranet. I want the webpage to be written using JSP. I am going to have a business logic layer written in JDBC which retrieves data from my database and can input data into it what the user enters on the webpage, doing all the validation and any required calculations. The webpage will also be required to produce graphs from the data (but this is a problem for another day).

After lots (and I mean lots) of reading of MVC, three-tier architecture and JDBC. I'm still confused as to how my system should be structured. I want the JDBC on the comany's server.

My main problem is I don't know how to set this up in JDeveloper (or any IDE for that matter). Once I get set up I should be fine just all of the configuration is completely new to me and tackling the jargon is getting me extremely stressed.

Sorry for any ambiguities in my questions, I'll happily give any extra information that is required (to the best of my ability anyway).
Thanks so much in advance.
8 years ago