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Enrique M. Talavera

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since Feb 18, 2011
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Recent posts by Enrique M. Talavera

Hi Christian!!, do you use some examples of functional design in the book?.  what's your favorite characteristic in TS?
I think I could your book to learn type system with Kotlin ,

BR from PY.

Are you going to teach us, @injection and library like OkHttp|Retrofit?

Book looks amazing

3 years ago

Did you receive the java card?

4 years ago
Wow,esto no sabía que ya existe, all my  certification's books are written in English, I'm from Paraguay and always choose English language,por favor cuéntanos como te resultó.


Congratulations, did you receive the card with the upgrade certification?
4 years ago

Marco Canavese wrote:

Marco Canavese wrote:

Prawal Srivastava wrote:Hi, Congratulations on your achievement. Have you applied for the Java T Shirt? Is there any kind of tracking mechanism for that? I qualified 1Z0-804 on June 11, 2016 and have requested my T Shirt, but I dont remember getting any tracking ID or any such thing for that sort.

Yes, I applied a week or so after the exam but unfortunately I still have not received the gift and even if they say it can take up to 8 weeks for delivery I must say I don't have much hopes about it. Shipping leadtime stimates to Italy where I live, accordingly to the file available in the offical promotion page, were 1 day...
There is no tracking for it as far as I know.
You can refer to this page Oracle java t-shirt for some information.
At least there is an email address we could use to contact them.
Let me know whether you get it or not.

With a big surprise because I had no more hopes to receive it, yesterday I got the special gift.

Beatiful t-shirt.
Thanks Oracle!

Did you receive a card with your name,also?
Best Regards!
I can try to explain a little more, if I understand well; we've to code with integrity transparency, so the problem with the specific problem "singleton" , is how can I simulate the "lock" mechanism,to ensure that only 1 instance is always available, in java there is the synchronized but this no too good for performance,then is the static initializer but this is eager initialization, so the alternative is to lock the block to retrieve the instance required, or this problem has nothing related to FRP, thanks very much for your patience
5 years ago
Whoa,thanks for the detailed reply!!, perhaps this is a silly question,but how could I replicate the Singleton Pattern with FRP,if the state is evil and should be avoided ?
5 years ago
Hi authors, with the FRP which concurrency problems are solved easily?
5 years ago
Hi Mala,  I can't express to you how much your book helped me  , you're my hero

Best Regards!.
Thanks for your reply, so with this tool it should be considered old-fashioned the old naked HTML? It looks like the creation of the DOM it's preferable to be used within the JSX code.
Best Regards
Hi, I was looking for some examples, BTW  I'm not a front-end developer, but I can see a lot of HTML inside js, why this is not an anti-pattern?
Best Regards
Could I use this book to make, my game more addictive?, I remember about a book called "Addiction by design" and was surprised with all the science involved
it looks very interesting!

5 years ago
Hi authors
I know Netty should be compare to nodeJS, because the thread-model, but, Do you think the non/blocking programming will replace some day the model 1 request 1 thread,massively ?, and How dramatically is the change from a 1Thread1Request model to a Netty?