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Recent posts by Adalberto Toledo

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Adalberto Toledo wrote:

This does not comply with the rules that only standard JavaSE classes may be used. I suggest you resubmit with that import removed. Consider StringJoiner instead.

You are right however, my solution is only the wordOccurrence method, that library is only used in the Main method, just for running the program and convert the arguments passed by the Command Line Interface (CLI), to a String delimited by a single whitespace.

Anyway, I appreciate your suggestion and I will consider the StringJoiner Class instead of the StringUtils Class.

Please, try to evaluate only my wordOccurrence method because that is my solution.

Before that solution, I submitted a solution without the Main method and it doesn't have that library imported, do you want me to submit it again?

Thanks a lot

Best Regards
Sorry, I only was uploading some versions, so you can check which one match the best with the criteria...
Hi, I'm new here...

I'm trying to print a Tiff image but after the print function is called, it doesn't do anything, this is my code:

And this is the output console:

Printing to Win32 Printer : \\VENTAS-PC\HP LaserJet 100 color MFP M175 PCL6
name = 1.tif
Is file? true

Can you explain me what do I have to do?
I'm new in Java so, please explain me step by step... Sorry
9 years ago
I have a problem, I'm using Tomcat 7.0.4 in JDK web server to deploy my web application.

The problem after a day my tomcat says: "OutOfMemoryException: Java Heap Space", and the memory that I assigned is 500 MB in JAVA_OPTS and CATALINA_OPTS environments variables.

I'm using the Nio Protocol in my application because I need some comet procedures.

My server is ubuntu 10.04 LTS
10 years ago
Hi, I'm using Linux Ubuntu version 10.04 LTS
I installed Java Media Framework with the .bin file for linux downloaded from oracle web page

It installed property but I'm having these problems:

* When I run the comand "java JMStudio" as a root user (#) the mpg video plays good but when I run that comand as simple user ($), the mpg video send me this error: "Controller error: Failed to realize"
* When I run eclipse as a root user (#) and I run a program that uses the jmf libraries, the video play good but without audio and the console says: "Failed to initialize audio for mpx."
* When I run eclipse as a simple user ($) and I run a program that uses the jmf libraries, the console says: "Error: Unable to realize"

What Can I do to solve these problems...? Please help me...
10 years ago
Hi, I'm new in JAVA MEDIA FRAMEWORK (JMF), I need to run a video in java and I choosed JMF to run one.

I'm using ubuntu 10.04 version LTS and I'm programming in Eclipse IDE.

I downloaded JMF from the oracle page and I installed it. In the linux console I write this command "java JMStudio" and I can run only mpg videos but only I can hear the sound without the video.

In eclipse, I dowloaded some samples that run videos with JMF and when I run the video the console send me these messages error: "Unable to handle format: MPEG, 320x240, FrameRate=29.9, Length=115200" and "Unable to handle format: mpegaudio, 44100.0 Hz, 16-bit, Mono, LittleEndian, Signed, 8000.0 frame rate, FrameSize=16384 bits"

I have these JMF jars in Eclipse:

* customizer.jar
* jmf.jar
* mediaplayer.jar
* multiplayer.jar
* mp3plugin.jar
* jffmpeg-1.1.0.jar

Please, anyone helpme, I don't know what to do to run a video in java with JMF, I need to do a program that executes videos in java, thanks a lot...
10 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:I had a look at the home page for that project: It says it's a set of classes for network packet capture. I don't see anything about sending packets; did you see something which said it could be used for that?

Hi, I don't need to capture network packtes, I only need to send a video via IGMP protocol in Java, thanks a lot...

Please try to help me with that...
Hi, I need to send a video to another machine via IGMP and I don't know how to do it..

I found on this site, the class IGMPPacket, I downloaded all the classes in the PacketF packet and the HeaderF packet that I found there but I don't know how to use the class IGMPPacket, I mean I need a Socket Class that permits to send an IGMPPacket Object...

If someone can help me please I'd be thankfully....

Hi, I'm new here in this forum...

I'm trying to use comet with Java and Tomcat 7, but I don't understand how to use it...

┬┐When the program call the event method? I do a request with XMLHTTPREQUEST with the get Method and it calls the doGet method of my servlet, but how do I have to call the event method... Can someone send me a symple example when it works pretty fine?
11 years ago