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Recent posts by Mayu Mayooresan

arulk pillai wrote:The natural progressive path in Java is to learn core Java and then move on to JEE (i.e enterprise Java).

Thanks arulk pillai for the prompt reply. I've done SCJP and familiar with core java as I"m doing Andriod dev in Java. But my problem is should I continue to be a mobile dev or should I think about being a Java / J2EE dev.
8 years ago
I’ve started my career as a Software Tester but after 3 years I realized, it didn’t give me the so called job satisfaction and I made a brave decision to jump into software development arena. Finally I have become an Android Mobile developer and completed 1 year of experience.

I love my job and I love every bit of it, but going forward I’m wondering what the scope for mobile developers is?? Developers who work with C# or Java have their larger scope and they can become architect etc in future. But as a mobile developer what can I achieve.. Mobile development architect is not something practical because mobile projects are small and it does not require much technical ability like j2ee project needs.

Should I change my career track to Java or j2ee or something from mobile?? Any advice is appreciated.
8 years ago
Instead of running the APK you find in the bin folder, run the whole project by loading it in Eclipse. It should work. I worte that code and its working fine in my SAmsung Ace.
9 years ago
What is the error message you get in the Logcat?? Please share the error.
9 years ago

deepika deepi wrote:i want to use an character mapping for tamil alphabet. if i press letter "A" it should be replaced by " அ" in tamil. there are no relevant stuffs to view an character map for this . so i am unable to proceed. can any one help me ?

Probably you need to use a class to convert "A" into "அ" everytime a keypress event occured. Check out this Android Project's Utill Class

If you want to enter system wide then you gotta develop a IME for Android. There are many Tamil Android IME's such as Tamil Visai which is open source.

9 years ago

zoheb hassan wrote:Yes i do there are 2 types of updates, one which requires a manual update and another a automatic one, Does the automated update use C2DM to push notifications??

As far as I remember it decided by the user mostly. You can set your option in Market Application.
9 years ago

sohaib rahman wrote:
1. How do I get started as Freelancer?

Just like any other freelancer you can also start your work (Learn Android dev before that). There are amble of sites out which will help you to find clients online. I don't wanna spam the forum here by providing so many sites but is a good place to start.

sohaib rahman wrote:
2. How do I earn more profits while developing application in Android?

You do more work you will earn more money. Simple as that

sohaib rahman wrote:
3. How should I win customers and make them come to me for more projects?

Getting the first project will be very tough, but as you get along the road, you'll get more and more projects. Try to meet the deadlines with clients.

sohaib rahman wrote:
4. What infrastructure is necessary for being a freelancer?

1. Internet connection
2. Paypal/moneybookers account (preferably a credit/debit card)
3. Membership in freelance job offering sites
4. confidence and real good knowledge.

These are just the beginning you have long way to go in freelancing.
9 years ago

sivaganesh sivakumar wrote:Hi,

I have 3 years experience in testing and currently working on my first android app. wanted to know career oppurtunity in android dev. please share your views.


Hi Siva,
Android oppertunities are booming now. You can clearly see that in the job offering sites. Learn the concepts of Java and also learn how to use java docs. You can definitly can become an Android dev. Afterall I became an Android dev after 3 years of testing job.

Good luck.
10 years ago
Finally I manage to make my way into Development arena. Thanks to all for your encouraging words.

Both SCJP and BCS did help me to acheive this goal. To my surprise, my new employer offered me more salary than what I got in my tester job after 3 years . Thats a double BINGO!

Now i'm a android developer. Thanks guys thanks a lot. I wouldn't have done this without your words and courage.

10 years ago
You are trying to refer the layout-land but your code refers R.layout.main

so the layout shown will be the main.xml file under layout folder.

btw avoid using - in folder file names, it'll create compilation error most of the time.
10 years ago
if you are a web dev then you can check out mobile jquery and
10 years ago
Today I got recruited as full time Android dev. I know the basics of the Android starting from UI, DB, AsycTask, TraceView, DDMS etc etc. But now employer asked me to polish up my knowlege on how to deal with APIs and using GPS, Camera inside the application.

Can someone point to me some resources where I can learn the basics of this?

Thanks in advance.
10 years ago
Thanks a lot

Now I understand where I went wrong. I wrote the Man class inside the SortMe class and trying to code the rest thinking that Man Class is outside SortMe class

Yeah I tried to overide toString also and it worked like magic.

Thanks a lot again and again for your valuable time.

10 years ago

Henry Wong wrote:

Mayu Mayooresan wrote: but keep on getting the error "The constructor SortMe.Man() is undefined" on top of New Man().

Basically, the compiler is complaining that you Man class doesn't have a constructor that takes no parameters. And if you take a quick look, your compiler is correct.


I made a empty constructor as below but now getting another error "No enclosing instance of type SortMe is accessible. Must qualify the allocation with an enclosing instance of type SortMe (e.g. A() where x is an instance of SortMe)."

I removed the constructor so it'll use the default constructor. now getting this same error as above ( awwwwwwww

10 years ago