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Recent posts by Sadaqatullah Noonari

I am totally new to image processing and am developing an application for android that aims to read Barcode, QR code and Text from the camera. Is there any other set of steps other than this which I can follow to make the application?
And what formats do OpenCV and/or tesseract accept and how do I read them in java?
10 years ago
Yes, I am taking 0 as blank and I am not good with the heuristics either.
11 years ago
I have the following input in 2D array
[7] [6] [8]
[3] [4] [0]
[5] [6] [1]

and I want it to be solved into this.
[1] [2] [3]
[8] [0] [4]
[7] [6] [5]

I need help in understanding the logic to work it out.

It is a sliding block puzzle and I cannot come up with the logic to do it. Following is the link to show how my game should word.

This is game of mine is supposed to be played by a computer not human. So help!
11 years ago

The given code is supposed to read the file and return it in the form of an object. in the beginning it shows no error but when i try to print data it shows nothing and loops me back to where I started. need help in resolving this problem.
12 years ago
I am using FileReader class in my code. It say an error when it does not find the file. I want to handle this error such that if file is not found, it makes and then moves on. need help in this problem.
12 years ago

Jesper de Jong wrote:Try printing the ArrayList like this:

What do you get?

following is the output after that statement

[Supplies, Drawings, Equipment, Supplies, Revenue]
12 years ago

Steve Luke wrote:> accounting.engine.ViewRecords.viewGeneralJournal(

At that line of code you must be accessing an ArrayList like: list.get(0) -> which should get you the first value of the list. But:

> java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0

This part of the exception tells you the ArrayList you are accessing has a Size of 0, so the Index of 0 (the first Object in the list) can't be found. So your problem is that you are trying to get something from an empty ArrayList. The solution is to avoid doing that. Check the size of the ArrayList before you retrieve anything from it. And if not (Size of List > Index To Retrieve) show an error saying the the desired record does not exist.

I read that file from the hard disk which had 5 different elements and all those were saved in this ArrayList but when I print the ArrayList using the following code, it says above error.

for(int i =0; i<this.GeneralJournal.size();i++){
12 years ago
Please help resolve this error.
I have tried everything I knew but can't resolve this error.

1. Record Transaction
2. View Record
5. Exit

Select Your Operation: 2
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0
at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck(
at java.util.ArrayList.get(
at accounting.engine.ViewRecords.viewGeneralJournal(
at accounting.engine.BackGround.viewingOfRecords(
at accounting.engine.AccountingEngine.main(
Java Result: 1

BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 3 seconds)
12 years ago

Riaan Nel wrote:The first thing you should read up about is what a database management system is and how it works. Once you understand that, read up on how you can get Java to interact with a database. You can go the JDBC route, or for a more powerful platform, go with Java EE.

Java EE

Sir, I have done all that. Where I am hanging up is that is I can't get the back end logic working on accounting. Its getting complex and complex with every step I take. Since this is a class assignment, I want to do this mysefl but just need some guidelines from senior programmers like you.
12 years ago

Winston Gutkowski wrote:

Sadaqatullah Noonari wrote:I am making a fully functional accounting system.

Best of luck. I believe QuickBooks took about 20 man years to develop; Sage: probably a lot more.

Might I suggest something slightly less ambitious at this stage?


Dear, this is a project of our semester. I don't think this forum is created to taunt the users.
12 years ago
I am making a fully functional accounting system. For which I have to keep record of every transaction. What I don't get is that how to keep all the things sorted according to time and date?
Other thing is that I have to save the data as well, how can I do it and the call it back when the code is executed.
12 years ago

Ashish Schottky wrote:@Original Poster: Well I read your questions few times,before I could get what you are asking for.
My suggestions are:
1)Please Post some code with comments which will help fellow ranchers to take a look and let you know what is going wrong.
2)Create an simple array[][] which will keep the board condition.
3)write separate methods method for different of players.// public int[][] Player1(int[][]board){ int piece_color,int sq; .. use your logic here, return board; }
4)write a method which toggles players (hint use a counter, and switch statement).

If you are still stuck, then kindly post some part of you code which might help to see where the thing goes wrong.
-Take Care.

Thanks that worked. and gave correct results
12 years ago
I trying to make a Ludo game. I have made engine that works with only 1 player i.e. it only runs with 1 player. I have tried hard to work make it work with two or more players but could not succeed. I have made an object for 1 player but when I make objects for other players, I don't get the desired result in the command output. such as I want this output in the command output:

-y-b--y-b--y-b---y-b--y-y ( the 'y' is twice because its overlapping the b in the same position.)

Where as I am getting the following result:


please need help in solving the problem
12 years ago