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Recent posts by Faisal Ahmed Siddiqui

Hi Gurus!
i have clustered application abc.ear, what i deloyed in server/all/farm folder of JBOSS4.0.5 Application Server.

- abc.ear application dynamically loads all classes via Class.forName() method and then create their instances
- All classes loaded & instantiated by abc.ear placed in their own jar files not in abc.ear,
- But all jar files are placed in the farm folder where abc.ear deployed..
- abc.ear loads these classes in a ConnectorMBean start() method and cache these instances.
- these instances are used whenever abc.ear received a message for them

- By Default JBOSS4.0.5 allows access of classes resides in different jar files

Problem i am facing while loading & instantiating plug-in classes in the startup of abc.ear, in the start method of ConnectorMBean

if i load & instantiated these plug-in classes on demand, like when abc.ear receive a message it first checks that class has been loaded & instantiated if not then create and place in the cache..for subsequent uses.. this works fine...
but in this case first message pay the cost of loading resources
by Plug-in class what i don't want due to performance reason..

I think its due to different classes loader or JBOSS Class Loader chaining?
but still haven't got it done.

Does any one know.. what should i do if i want to do it at startup of abc.ear application instead on demand?
15 years ago
thanks Tim
i am looking into the URL you sent.
do you have any idea of atinav sdk? i think they have removed thier SDK from the link they have placed in their web site

So, at first step i am looking for the proof of concept of this printing excercise using j2me client(JSR-82)
1- Nokia 6600
2- HP OFFICEJET H470 Mobile Printer series
16 years ago
Hello everybody
even though i got few posts regarding blue tooth communication but adding this post saperate because of mobile and printer feasibility with solution

i am proposing a solution to one of my client to have a printed receipt via blue tooth enable mobile and printer, no computer there.
i selected following cell phones.
(due to cost and rough usage) if you people think should i use any other do also suggest)

Printers i selected
1- HP OFFICEJET H470 Mobile Printer series
2- HP DESKJET 460 Mobile Printer series
1-HP Laser Jet + Bluetooth adapter

so in my pt. of view j2me application will communicate to the printer via bluetooth using Nokia 6600 & any HP mobile printer should work, if is there any constraint do let me know please.
another important question
I read an article using atinav sdk. but unfortunately i didn't find it on the link. so any simple article using only j2me api and printing simple text on printer.
In other possibility i am thinking what if blueoot enable mobile at one side & bluetooth adapter(dongle) at pinter side, i can use the conventional printers, but later i think that where driver will be installed? since no PC will be there . please do let me know if i am wrong.

i will appreciate your comments and feedback

16 years ago
dear what you need to do is,
just need an action of stopDelivery on Queue.
after this your messages will start saving into the database.
you will see your queue entry in the section of
- jboss.j2ee
in JMX-console(http://localhost:8080/jmx-console)


when you click on that link.. you will have a MBean Form,
just click on the button invoke of stopDelivery.

your MDB onMessage() won't be called for any messages.. instead your all messages be stored in JMS_MESSAGES table in your database.
when you click on invoke button of startDelivery() Method, you will notice your all messages stored in the database start flushing and your onMessage of MDB will be called..
i hope it will help you..
16 years ago
make sure port#1100, through which RMI communication taken place, is opened.
I had the same problem on LAN with different networks.
16 years ago
hey anyone of you work on jboss4.0.5 single signon?
16 years ago
anand i think JAI solution should work...
but its not.. then why don't you use java script, to load the image after complete loading of entire file.. and mean while popup a nice processing or in prorcess layer.. to facilitate users.. if image is so critical..

i know JS solutions should be used as last solution..
did you try Thread.sleep(). isn't it working..?
16 years ago
i think sneha..
you are trying to know the best practise to upload a file.
well i don't know the business/use case.. but..
there are 2 solutions
you don't allow user to upload large files specified in UI like
in display.
there is a case user can upload without caring the size.
then do you want to have some resume sort of functionality
if yes..
then case will be more complicated.
and again actual situations need to be known if you
can keep the file and session then you the size after
reaching you should start persisting..and
if no..
then what are you waiting for..
use Apache File Upload Library. and leave it to user...
i know this answer is not like silver bullet
will solve your all problem..but what i perceived
i drawn on board..
16 years ago
you should see the enquirelink option of your server
in my case..
i create a pool of connections from server.. and my thread send an enquire link PDU.. after every 30 second..
and it varies from carrier to carrier..
so i kept it paramterized.. in paramter file..
i hope it will help you out..
if you would like then we can discuss more online..
16 years ago
well ... i would like to share my experience with you..
i used the hibernate in a scenario where.. i have some classes for master,detail and sub detail tables. mapped..

i had 2 cases
1- for new record. of master detail and sub detail..(this time all records are assumed to be new)
2- for editing.. here i can't ensure, what are the data user will delete,add and edit..
for example..
he first delete the existing detail,with sub detail.
then updated old data..
then inserted new data..in detail and in sub detail..
and then deleted newly entered data again..
and then inserted new data again in detail and sub detail with different values..

now i master object.. and all details and sub details are associated with..
i don't find any built in functionality at that time in hibernate which gives me the facility to just call a single method.. and it will consolidated records in memory and records in database.. accordingly.. got it.?
not even merge was doing that..
so in order to cope up this problem i maintained the status in pojo's i used to manipulate in order to keep the state of all objects..
and later i consolidate by my self..by getting all records rite now in DB.
with the detached objects..

if you experience such problem and got any built in solution kindly let me know too..

- thanks
ses link below.
IntelliJ Plugin for JBOSS

i hope it will help you out.

16 years ago
you have 2 problems
1- not getting values in session set in the servlet called by img src attribute
2- when you logged in again with different session you get the values set by previous session rite?

for problem#1
first most important thing is.. if you call servlet src attribute of img and set some values in session there.. and then try to get those values in remaining code of jsp. you will never get the values in JSP set by servlet called via img's arc attribute.
reason is simple. when you access a jsp, what is the life cycle of it. first it will be interpreted into the .java file(if being accessed firt time) and then compiled the .java file..
when you called the jsp its will be executed first all computation.. and rendered a response to browser.. and when browser reaches the tag of img where you mentioned the srvlet in src attribute its request will be sent to server again.. so this request will be sent later than the execution of jsp code. got it?

for the solution of second problem, i feel your session is not being expired..
implement sessionlistner and enumerate list of attributes in session on the event of session created and session destroyed..
As you said when you logged in back you get the values set previously, i think your session is not getting expired..

i hope you have got some pointers for the solution of your problem..

16 years ago

All deployable files (EAR, WAR, SAR, etc...) are placed in the JBossDeployDirectory. The DeploymentScanner will detect the new file and begin deployment. Check the log output to determine of your application was successfully deployed.

for more information visit this link

16 years ago

Enterprise Service BUS
Aspect Oriented Programming

i hope these links will help you out.

do you have any idea, why not to use JBOSS?
let me know if you came to know any

16 years ago
is the best place to get the pointers, especially if you stuck because of versions.
16 years ago