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Recent posts by jake dickens

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Welcome to the Ranch Melinda Taylor.

Thank you for finding the code. I would recommend any beginners using it to delete the package declarations from the files, and also the lineThat will make compiling easier.

The Book gives you all the coding you need make sure you don't skip out it's in chap5 called ready bake code the class is called GameHelper because the game helper class sets up the board for you.

Been reading the book on and off cause I have other things to do at the moment.
7 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:What are you using to edit your files? Most code editors will do paren/bracket matching. If you look at your line 19:

There is an closing paren right before the semi-colon that doesn't have a matching open-paren. I'm not sure if you need the close-paren at all, but you do need to always have them in pairs.

Head First Java say to use notepad/Notepad++ because so the person can get use to catching those mistakes.

I use notepad++ Because it is almost like a ide only thing it don't have is Declares the errors and what you should use.
7 years ago

Abhishek Bose wrote:Hello EveryOne,

I am not clear with this HAs- A relationship in java....can anyone please explain me..... i request a detailed version of the explaination.....!

HAS-A meaning like this. Kitchen HAS-A sink. Good.

Sink HAS-A Kitchen not good.
7 years ago
The programmer just did java HelloWorld.class.

just javac


java file
7 years ago

Just depends on how you want to do it i use tabs when i code it's faster.

7 years ago
try removing 18-21 lines and see what happens then figure out why it made a double
7 years ago
Think a object is like a remote for the tv you need that object to control but the instance is a copy of the object does that help?
7 years ago
Your constructor is the same name you used as the head name of the file.
7 years ago

Mallik kannan wrote:Hi all,

I am new java beginner , i need of some clarification and they are as follows:

a. I want to know the need of JUnit?
b. While Using Private Variables, Setters/ Getters are came into play. My Query is Q) Is private variables are handled only by Setters/getters? or What are all the other usage of Setters and getters other than private variables?

Thanks in advance,


From what I understand is setters set the variables and can't be changed it will test to see if the number you put in matches the number you have set so the program will not crash lol
getters are the fetchers meaning they get those numbers you have set one book you should get is head first java or at least look at it it will explain better then that.
7 years ago

ashwin bhawsar wrote:Is there any way to arrange the projects in 'package explorer' in eclipse.

E.g. : How can i get the "Hibernate Tutorial" project below "Spring Demo"

Have you tried drag and drop?

Andrew Bedley wrote:A java book I have encourages me to use try/catch only for when the exception is "truly exceptional." They say that in data entry, you should prevent the exceptions from being thrown. I merrily used the Scanner.hasNextDouble() method in console applications. The book kind of left me high and dry though on AWT GUI apps. I went ahead and attached the Scanner to the string gleaned from an AWT textField, and it worked! My questions, however, are:

1. The examples I get from the web seem to use Try/Catch. Do people not try and avoid exceptions like the book recommends?

2. Am I using Scanner in a manner that it was not intended? What do I use for an AWT program? My class doesn't trust us with Swing yet, but if I graduate to Swing, can I use the same techniques as AWT?

2. When studying Javascript, I made use of as a good, solid reference. I don't find anything as easy to use in Java, except for the complicated
javadocs, and you guys. What sites give legit answers? I scour the web, and everybody has slightly different answers - it's hard to know who is best.


try and catch is used in loops also some don't require loops my opinion is this is just depends on what you want to do.

2. scanner has next double gives you a number like this 3.22 AWT classes are for gui which is graphical user interface basically putting pictures on the JFrame/applet/JPanel I use to watch The New Boston on youtube he has about 120 videos on java which may give you answers you seek. He sets up with how to install the jdk and set the javac also he breaks it down for the novice to learn.

also he had intermediate java as well.
7 years ago

Kuldeep singh ranbanka Rathore wrote:

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Kuldeep singh ranbanka Rathore wrote: . . . i also think that notepad will be good for beginners as i also use notepad.

That's only because you have never tried NotePad2 por NotePad++

And welcome to the Ranch

thaks . i'll try these ones..

just use notepad ++ you can set the exec as the file your learning from and saving it but to solve the problem with javac not being recognized is by setting the user environment to path as name and location of java eg. C:\program files\java\java_jdk_1.6.25\bin.
7 years ago
Online is fine the book i have is incorrect

the online is correct

this is correct

I looked at the online code i had two lines wrong i fixed them.
7 years ago
i downloaded the chapter 6 and compared it to mine and what you said was to make sure but i'm saying the book is wrong cause the book told me dotComToSet not ToTest
7 years ago