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Recent posts by Luigi Fugaro

Good job and great score! +1
Thanks for sharing your experience!
8 years ago
Good job Sandeep!

It is good to hear some good news!

Most of the last posts are so disheartening!

When have you taken the essay (the third step of SCEA/OCMJEA certification)?
8 years ago

M. A. Riveros T. wrote:
Grazie Luigi!

1. It took 10.5 weeks.
2. The results were published in Certview two days AFTER the email.

Thanks for your reply!
9 years ago
Congratulation Mister 1%!

1. How long did it take to get this email?
2. Did you check any oracle/pearsonveu site to check the result before the email?

Thanks in advance,
9 years ago

Good Job and thanks for your feedback!

9 years ago


9 years ago
Just a thought...

Point of Sale it should be a physical place where you can pay with cc.
In real life you will never enter your cc information, just pass the cc in the device to let it read info from cc magnetic band!

Anyway I do not have the big cigar assignment!

Good luck %%-
Hi Inr,
you can track your score (Pass/Fail) at; once there, go through the "Sign in" button and log in.
Once logged in click on the "Certification Status" tab!

Anyway I would wait at least 10 days... but I would effectively check every day in the morning and before going to sleep! ;)

Good luck,
Follow this steps:

2. click on "Master Assignments" (bottom of the page);
3. login with your credentials
4. select the exam "1Z0-865 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment (Step 2 of 3)";
5. wait for page refresh and then click on button "Next";
6. a page with summary of what you entered so far, then click on "Next";
7. insert payment information.

Cheers and good luck,

P.S.: let us know about your assignment! ;)
Hi Georgiana,
I'm still thinking... I don't know what i s worse, if working on something that I do not really understand or change it a little and start understanding what I'm doing.
Anyway I'll document and justify my changes, if any!
The use cases will remain the same, I'll add more class to the BDM.

I'll let you all know!

Hi all,
as mentioned in my assignment to pass both part 2 and 3 I need at least 114 points, which is fine to me!
Keep on reading, I saw the following table showing the available points and the minimum ones, required to pass:

Component Diagram 40 26
Class Diagram 40 26
Deployment Diagram 24 17
Interaction Diagrams 16 0
Risk & Mitigation List 16 0
Part 3 Short Answer 24 17
Total 160

The given total is correct, but if i sum all the minimum required points up (including part 3), I do not even get close to 100, I get 86!

What's up with that???

Thanks in advance,
Hi everybody,
I downloaded the assignment a week ago and I came up with a big dilemma!
Should/Could I change the business domain model provided within the assignment, or not?

As the assignment says,

All of these objects and the relationships between them should be addressed in your design and implementation.

It suggests me to respect/follow the given business domain model, but there could be some reason (valid ones) to change it a little!
It does not say that the model must be and remain the given one.

Besides to my reasoning if they are wrong or right,
what should I do?
Actually I have a many-to-many relationship that I would never have in my real-project business domain model!

Did anybody change the given business domain model and pass part 2?

Thanks in advance,
Thank you very much for your patient and to clarify my doubt.


will myers wrote:in that scenario your score would be.....PASS

They don't give scores for parts 2 and 3 - unless you fail

I knew that for part 2/3 they will give me a "P" as pass and a "F" as fail, but would be my final final score of the certification?
Would they consider an overall score concerning just the assignment?
Would they consider an average of my 75% for part1 and my 93.75% (150 out of 160) for part2/3?