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Recent posts by Eric Bresie

I was looking through some old posts I meant to read some tome back and saw one about Java TV.   I came to realize this was a little dated.

Give more recent changes in Java ME towards Java Embedded and Java SE Embedded, what is the going trend in developing for Smart TV, Set Top Boxes, BluRay players,  etc?  
2 years ago
Trust there good test coverage as well right?

Maybe more automated testing could help. Maybe more Continous Integration server running the tests would help in on of the earlier environments mentioned.
4 years ago
JavaFX is more for user interface development with some graphic API. It contains a lot of components for use by the user. It is also Java based which means it's usable on platforms with compatible Java virtual machines (JVM).

DirectX and OpenGL are graphical APIs which focus more on the lower level graphic and rendering side of things. Additionally the are more platform specific with native platform specific API. Although OpenGL is available on many platforms and DirectX may have some .NET/Mono/C# type binding that prove a degree of cross platform support.
5 years ago
Can you provide any details on JavaFX as a platform for 3D
5 years ago
Is it possible to use JavaFX ML as markup to render a raw web page similar to how Java Server Faces renders? Not necessarily as something using a JavaFX web client widget.
5 years ago
Does the Head First Javascript book touch on the differences and/or benefits of the different versions of ECMAScript / Javascript?

Does it cover the latest versions?
Partial solution...

I remove the pagination and selection options, it seems to start working. I was able to re-enable the selection, so it appears to be related to pagination.

However, pagination is still needed. Anyone have any thoughts?
6 years ago
I am working with Primefaces Datatables with global and field specific filtering (based on the showcase dataset filter example) but am having filter issues. I have enabled pagination and selection capabilities on the datatable

I populate the table with all available items, have a list for selected and list for filtered items.

I am able to filter from the field specific field initially, but subsequent attempts in the same specific field seem to no longer work.

It seems like there may be an update on the filter field value which is not properly triggering the filter of the widget.filter() correctly or updating the bind bean attribute
The Global filter also does not appear to function at all.

The Page Bean looks like:

Dataset class is basic POJO with attributes used in the table.

I suspect I maybe missing a needed attribute (i.e. update, render, ???) but did not see anything like that in the showcase version so am a little confused.

I have tried adding p:ajax event handlers like:

but this does not appear to do anything to help.

Any ideas?

Environment is Primefaces 3.5 on Mojarra 2.0.11 on WebLogic 10.0
6 years ago
After further investigation, it appears my problem was due to a navigation rules I had previously defined in the faces-config.xml when I was working in a JSF 1.x setup but now I am working in JSF 2.x. After removing these, it navigated to the correct view per the properties value.
6 years ago
The backing bean gets the value from the select One, and updates the "nextPage" propertu, but the resulting rendered HTML still shows the original action not the new bean property value. So if I have items ("one", "two", "three") with a default of "home", and select "one", then backing bean updates the "nextPage" property to be "one", but rendered still shows the equivalent "home" view/page. I tried having a "next()" method (instead of a 'getter/setter" method) as well which uses the nextPage bean property and this didn't work either.
6 years ago
I am trying to dynamically set the action of a h:commandButton based on a selected selectOneMenu item (which is populated by database items).

I have a change listener to adjust the managed page beans state to help determine the "next page". The commandButton's action is set on the "next page". My assumption was the value of the "next page" would "dynamically replace" the actual action value, but it keep the original value set initially.

Excerpt of the page:

Excerpt of the bean looks like:

I suspect I need some kind of (i.e. update, render, p:ajax) of some type on the selectOneMenu , but I'm still confused in it's usage and the different ways of dealing with "listeners" (i.e. JSF 1.x listener vs JSF 2.x ajax ).

Help is appreciated.

6 years ago
This may be a moot point by now, but..

I resolved this by placing the jar files in the domains\lib folder (not the WEB-INF\lib).

I seem to recall reading this may not be the best approach, but it did work. If anyone has details on why this might not be the preferred way?
7 years ago
With Java 7 are there anythings that have been depreciated?

Are there any tips on migrating from one version to this version?
7 years ago
Does your new book cover anything related to JavaFX?
7 years ago
I have an event entity with a composite event id. I have a basic named query like the following which works as expected.

The (:param is null or evt.parm = :param) in the where clause expression "short circuits" which allows me to use one query for multiple cases (with different parameters set to null).

I have facade code like:

Which would return results something like:

//uid, pos, sn, date, rating
1,1,1,"01-03-2010", 1
2,1,1,"01-03-2010", 2
3,1,1,"01-04-2010", 3
4,1,1,"01-05-2010", 4
5,1,1,"01-06-2010", 3

Now I would like a similar query that return a List<Event> with aggregate Sum values instead of the individual rating, to get something like:

//pos, sn, rating

I think I may need to use something like

select, evt.pos, sum(evt.rating) as rating from Event evt where in ( 1,2) and date >= DATE '01-01-2010' and date <= DATE '02-01-2010' Group by sn, pos;


select NEW Event( evt.eventId, evt.uid,, evt.pos, sum(evt.rating) as rating) from Event evt where in ( 1,2) and date >= DATE '01-01-2010' and date <= DATE '02-01-2010' Group by sn, pos;

Some of my confusion on this may be due to an entity design issue, but not sure. Is this good way to do this or is there a better way to do this? Should I have a new class (i.e. for use in a List<ResultClass>) for the results? Or use an Object [] type for the results? Or use an Object[] and then populate an individual Event?

Hope this makes sense..