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Recent posts by mario buonopane

in my use case i have to invoke existing Web Services. How can i represent the invocation of this Web Services in a Sequence Diagram?
At the moment i simply have inserted, in my sequence diagram, the object "xxxxx" with stereotype <<Web Services>> and i have put synchronous messages to it with the name of the services i except to have. Do i need to introduce any JAXB layer/object or wrapping design pattern?


Gautam Ssingh wrote:Assignment mentions that "company plans to launch this program with a limited number of valid combinations for house styles and accessroies"

Doesn't this imply that inventory system is aware about all fixed house styles and component which can be added to this particular house style.

My understanding is customer has to choose an existing house style and system should be able to construct a dwelling and add wall, aperture etc as per selected house style.

Once this house object is available, customer can start use case for select, adding components.

Please let me know if my understand is wrong.


What i don't understand is what component i can add if selecting an house style the system build an house object completed of all components(walla, roof, foundation and aperturas).