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Recent posts by neha sher

I am getting follwing error while running websphere server from my workspace using RAD

Some object reference in the name "ejb/com/sbb/cbb/gppinterface/FSSMessageProcessorHome" relative to the context "ILCDTL02NS223ANode01Cell/nodes/ILCDTL02NS223ANode01/servers/server1" is invalid. Some possible causes include a context binding in the name which refers to a destroyed context, or an object binding which contains an invalid EJBHome reference. [Root exception is org.omg.CORBA.INV_OBJREF: Could not resolve IOR string. vmcid: 0x0 minor code: 0 completed: No]

I tried
1. Rolling back my workspace to the one which is properly running in another systems
2. Configured server once again after deleting the existing one.

But still same error

Any help in this regard will be really appreciated.

7 years ago
Hello Friends,

In our project, we are aasigning values that are coming from database to String references as follows
String name = message[1];
String address = message[2]; .......................................upto 30 values;

and then we are using these String references to create an object of bean class using setter methods.


Bean object can be created using message[] also but perhaps, purpose of this is just to make the code readable.

IS it a good practice? Does this create memory issues because after creating bean object we are not using above String references?
7 years ago
Thanks all for your reply. I got my answer
7 years ago
Then why do we need to extend Thread or implement runnable, if we can simply create thread object like any other object and can use thread methods using this instance created.

What is the difference? Please explain.

Question may be very simple For most of the friends here, but want to understand this.
Why do we need to create interface and implementation both while using DAO pattern?
I understand advantages of using interfaces like functional abstraction, different implementations etc.
But in a project, when only one implementation class is needed at DAO layer, Do I need to create interface for that just because DAO pattern work like that?
7 years ago
Thanks for reply.
I think my question was not clear.

I want to know how is it possible to create thread object within a class without extending thread class or implementing Runnable interface?
Following code works fine without any compilation error.

public class Try {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Thread t = new Thread();

Is it because Thread is a sublass of Object class and this is example of composition?
I am not sure...
Hello friends,

This is just beginner's question.Please help me with this

How can any class call thread without extending Thread class ?