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Recent posts by Jefrey Valencia

Hi Guys I need some help setting up my project using the following technologies. I'm really having a hard time making this seting up this POM file can anyone help me.

I got thee following errors

- Missing artifact org.richfaces.ui:richfaces-components-ui:jar:
- Missing artifact org.richfaces.core:richfaces-core-impl:jar:


I also tried it using this configuration



This is the error for the second configuration.

- Project build error: 'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.richfaces.ui:richfaces-components-ui:jar is missing.
- Project build error: 'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.richfaces.core:richfaces-core-impl:jar is missing.
- Project build error: Non-resolvable import POM: Failure to find org.richfaces:richfaces-bom:pom:4.0.0.Final in was cached in
the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of org.springframework.maven.milestone has elapsed or updates are forced


Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or post a sample POM using that adds RichFaces 4.* to my project.

I'm not very experience in using maven a detailed example is really appreciated. Also I am used Spring Source tool Suite to create this POM "Spring -MVC- template" then added additional spring dependencies.

Thanks in advance.

13 years ago
Yeah I guess you are right. I wonder how the remote web app is able to use "returnToMerchant.submit()" without sending it to my browser. Ill look into that thanks.
13 years ago
Does anyone have any other ideas?
13 years ago
Thanks amit punekar for the advice.

Here are a few more code snippets to help you understand my problem.

Code Sample of form.jsp

Code of proc.jsp (Shown in view source from browser)

Code Sample of result.jsp

So this is how the process currently work.

1) The user use the form in "form.jsp"
2) "form.jsp" post the data to ""
3) "proc.jsp" return a web page that tells if transaction is successful. It also has a built in timer that will direct the page to the
ReturnURL that is currently set to ""
4) "result.jsp" will print the request parameters.

What I need.
1) Get the request parameters being sent to "result.jsp". Using the code in my very first post I was able to retrieve the HTML code of "proc.jsp". But "proc.jsp" has a built in script that redirects it to the submitted ReturnURL. This is fine if I wanted to show the results given by the REMOTE web app but I want to do some additional processing in my LOCAL web app.
2) So can anyone help me extend/modify the code in my first post to be able to receive the request parameters that is bound for the ReturnURL = "result.jsp".

1) ReturnURL is a required parameter of the proc.jsp
2) I have no control on the implementation of the REMOTE web app.

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago
Hi and Thanks to the reply.

Actually the "ReturnURL" will allow the remote web application to send detailed result of the application.

So this is my current process.

1) I have a LOCAL web application with 2 JSP Pages

- form.jsp - contains a form that post data to the REMOTE web application. This includes the "ReturnURL" parameter whose value is "http://localhost:8080/Test2/result.jsp"
- result.jsp - contains a code that just prints the given request parameters. Example would be <%= request.getParameter("Result")%>

2) The REMOTE web application has 1 JSP visible to me.
- procs.jsp - This the page where my form.jsp post its data. After processing my data it would return a Web Page that tells me if the transaction was a success or not. After 5 seconds the web page reloads and goes to the LOCAL web application result.jsp .

(LOCAL)form.jsp -----> (REMOTE) proc.jsp ---> (LOCAL)result.jsp


The proc.jsp page contains this javascript code that reloads that redirect the page to the result.jsp

Again I really appreciate your replies.

13 years ago

Hi, new to this forums and hopefully my post is clear enough for you guys to help me.

I have a problem on an application my new boss wants me to create. The application that I have to create must communicate with another web application. So using MVC design pattern I have something like this in my model class.

With this code I was able to simulate an Http Request to the remote Web application; however, the design only allows the remote web application to send its response to URL mapped "ReturnURL". (The Remote Web application just sends an http request to the given URL)

Is there a way to Get the data to my model class so my local application can process it instead of displaying it to a web page immediately? Also I would like to add that I really y don’t have any control on the remote application so please give me any advice for this situation.

Thanks in advance

13 years ago