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Recent posts by Serge Yurk

Thank you, Kishori Sharan.
Congratulations all.
1 week ago
Hi Kishori,
By what time do you expect the rate of new issue discovery in Java13 will be relatively low to move a production system on Java 13?
Thank you in advance,
2 weeks ago
I use this plugin as I have mentioned before.
I’ll try to teach it to assemble projects with unpacked configuration files.
8 years ago
by 2 I mean the case when the main class and surrounding classes are not packed at all.
They are in file system as a bunch of files.

In this case we need to get from maven a list of used jars,
concatenate them into JAVA_CLASSPATH,
then add a reference on config to JAVA_CLASSPATH
and launch an application by command like
java $JAVA_OPTS –cp $ JAVA_CLASSPATH MainClass.
8 years ago
Thank you, Tim.
The last way is definitely better. But there are at least 2 issues on this way.

1. Let the main class is in a jar and configuration files are in a folder config. Question: How can I tell maven to add config to the Class-Path entry of a jar that contains the main class?

2. Let the main class is not in any jar. Question: How can I tell maven not to make jar from the main module of my project?
8 years ago

I develop a standalone application.

It consists of several modules and uses a Spring container and JPA above Hibernate.
I use Maven maven-jar-plugin and maven-assembly-plugin to build app.

I would like to have configuration files (persistence.xml, Spring context files and a log4j configuration) outside of the application’s jar.

What is the best way to do that?

Thanks in advance.

8 years ago