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Recent posts by priyanka kulathilaka

Jayesh A Lalwani wrote:The root cause of the exception is

org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No matching bean of type []

You are autowiring a bean that implements into userDetailsServiceClient but your Spring bean definition doesn;t have a bean that implements the interface.

thanks i got it and now its sorted
9 years ago

Dear all,
I'm in Spring web application project with JSF. when I applied Spring security its worked.
then we moved to Hessian.then we change user service class as per my source code


but now its not worked

ERROR AS PER BELOW in Client Project

IF some one have suggestion please add here to implement this with another method

please help me to sortout this issue

9 years ago

I'm new to OpenERP 7 and go through all modules & settings. Earlier i created module using blog's details & they worked also.

But i saw that there is a option to create model & views & menus in Settings -> Technical -> User Interface -> Views. also model under database structure.

is there any possibility to create module with that options.? please help me friends.i couldn't find any Doc for OpenERP Ver.7

Campbell Ritchie wrote:And how did you sort it? We would like to know, because the same problem might appear in the future.

T Mishra wrote:Are you getting any error ?

sorted it

Now my code generated other data from today to mention period. those are correctly inserted.but date inserted as same date.
need to insert month by month. because hope to make a monthly installment calculator
please help me friends..

Jeff Verdegan wrote:What type of object will be stored at:



It's really not clear to me what the dimensions of your array represent, or how the various XyzTable classes relate to it.

my gsmArray=[[2012-11-05,05],[2012-11-06,08],[2012-11-07,10],[2012-11-08,14],[2012-11-08,09]]
my smsArray=[[2012-11-05,02],[2012-11-06,03],[2012-11-07,04],[2012-11-08,04],[2012-11-08,03]]
my gprsArray=[[2012-11-05,04],[2012-11-06,07],[2012-11-07,08],[2012-11-08,04],[2012-11-08,07]]

I need to merge gsmArray,smsArray,gprsArray as 3D Array
then my expect array should be

11 years ago

Jeff Verdegan wrote:Is there an association between 1 GMSTable, 1 SMSTable, and 1 GPRSTable? If so, then you don't want a 3D array. You want to define a class that has those 3 fields as member variables.

thanks for the comment.but those are not a associated objects.
then how to get that array ?
11 years ago
I have 3 separate objects. like GSMTable,SMSTable,GPRSTable.
Those are include 2 fields called srDate,numberOfSR.
now i need to get them to 3D array object because i need to return it for my jqPlot line chart
this is my requirement


i wrote my own code like below.but i'm unable to complete it.

11 years ago

Faraz Ali wrote:
Hi All,

I am looking for a simple & straightforward example of the spring webflow.

I searched on the google, and found many good articles. Some of them are very complex to start with (shopping cart one) and few of them referring to older version. Spring itself posted a good artcile but that one is based upon annotation and using tiles.

I am new to web flow and just want to try a simple example first. If any of you guys have any code or articles please post here.


Hope this willl helps you

Check this Blog
11 years ago

Mark Spritzler wrote:Cool. Glad you got it solved. Wish I could have been more help to get it solved quicker.

So what was the issue and the solution? I checked out your blog post and it was just all code no text explaining it.


here i'm going to return list by ResponseBody.but i solved it like this.
i return array object.

check contoller class in here & my blog
check the difference

thanks again for your feedback

11 years ago

Mark Spritzler wrote:OK, first a comment. In your controller you have a signature of

List showLineChart(Map<String, Object> map,
HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)

Why are you passing in the request and response. You don't need to pass those arguments, especially since you never use them. Even if you did @RequestParam is better to have Spring go into the request for you. Anyway.

So to me looks like you are getting the data that you want back out of the Controller. I see no difference between

* Array should be
var line1=[['2008-09-30 4:00PM',4], ['2008-10-30 4:00PM',6.5], ['2008-11-30 4:00PM',5.7], ['2008-12-30 4:00PM',9]];

- But i got it like this

And you don't bother telling us what the difference would be, just expecting us to guess. Please tell us what is different there. Again the Time is the only difference and I commented on that before.

It sounds like your chart tool is the problem and that it seems to be on the client JavaScript side, so this might not even be the forum you need.

Please give us more detail.



thanks dear Mark Spritzler
now its solved.for other's use i posted it in my blog also
11 years ago

Mark Spritzler wrote:So what is your error? Is there an error message?

The only thing I see different from what you expected in the List to what you have is just the Time is missing. Maybe the Date object you are using doesn't support time, or you have a DateTimeFormat object that is removing the time.

I personally have never used JqPlot, so I wouldn't be able to help you on that side of the code.


I have edited my question now
please check that again & assist for solve that issue
11 years ago
My Spring Controller class looks like this

In my jsp i handle response like this. (seems issue in here ??)

* Array should be

- But i got it like this

Grid class shows below

Here shows my MapTable Class

contactService.fin(); Method called to Service Classes & finally it in DAO classes.
Data also correctly come like above i mentioned is my DAO class

Line Chart X & Y Axis & Background also load now.but data Line not shown there
please assist
11 years ago
Hi All,

I need to create ArrayList like below.

But my outcome as below. I need to clear part & return list like above. because i'm going to create JQPlot line chart.

here is my Java code in my Controller (I used Spring for my web app)

& My JSP Code

11 years ago