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Recent posts by veera veeraravi

hi here i found that, when i call this toggle function from another file, it needs to wait for an event from OK or Cancel, but here this is not happening. it just enabling the div and continuing the flow. i need a help to stop the flow till it get the event from either ok or cancel. I would request you to please help me on this....

Thank you

Hidden div code: which is in different file
this is in hidediv.html

i am accessing this div in different page by using javascript function in some.js page it has the

i am calling this toggle function from other man.html page in side the javascript... thi spage has one get onclick of get button
i am calling fucntion name as getdown() this function, i am calling toggle(); with parameter.

now, i am able to get pop. when i click on ''OK" it just going off ..not getting the return value into getdown() in man.html....

so.. when i click on 'ok' in hidden div (it will popup in different page) i need to get the return value as true into current page (man.html).... this is my requirement....

Thank you...

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Hi I am very new to javascript programming. i have developed one hidden div with a table which has two buttons (OK and Cancel). when i click on cancel, i am just disabling the div. when i click on OK i want to get a value of OK like true . To disable and enable the div, i developed a javascript functions.

here when i clicked on OK button, i called a function with return true statement, but when i try to get the value, i am getting undefined value.please help me on this.('');

Thank you.