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Originally posted by Melvin Menezes:
EK: ...This post is meant as an excercise in the speech writing and is a social experiment ...
If I were Paul, I would avenge your post by actually conducting a social experiment - make you a moderator for MD for a few days - and see the results. That way,
--you will be forced to spend time reading everyone's posts.
--You will be forced to spend time editing and deleting insult-filled posts.
--You will be forced to spend time sending private messages and emails to the offenders.
--While doing the above, you won't have enough time left to post something on your own, (and that will hurt the artist within you).
--The best part: you will be forced to practice something that is against your own views - censorship.
--And as if that is not enough, you will have to take the heat from those whose posts you will delete
Once in their (moderator's) shoes, you would see things differently (probably). The ultimate revenge for an intellectual being, isnt't it ?
Ok, I'm just kidding. Peace!
[ April 10, 2003: Message edited by: Melvin Menezes ]

Great Idea! Just like what they did to Jason Menard
17 years ago
Who sold the Iraqis the technology to produce weapons of mass destruction?
17 years ago
Jeez, I need to plan my make-over Probably a liposuction on my lower abs would really get me ahead of everyone else.
18 years ago
I was watching 20/20 and they brought out an interesting topic. The better aesthetically looking individuals always get the better deal. Using hidden camera they showed:

* Two women stranded on the street with a broken car, one plain looking and the other really goodlooking. The plain looking was standing in the street for quite sometime without getting any help while the better looking girl got the attention of at least a dozen guys in less than 10 mins.
* Two job applicants apply for a job. They have the same qualifications and experience but the other one is really goodlooking. Guess who gets the job. Of course the better looking applicant.
* Students strongly prefer goodlooking teachers over the *ahem* "typical" teachers who dedicated all of their lives to teaching.
* Jurors have a soft spot for altar-boy looking suspect in a crime.
These stink!
18 years ago
You use ServletContext if you want your object visible to all the clients of the web application installed in a container. These objects remain there for the life of the application and can be shared with other servlets.
18 years ago
You can put this into the HEAD section:

then, add this
on your FORM tag.
The assumption is myformscript.js can be found under the javascript subdirectory
I hope this helps.
Thanks! It works now. I forgot to put tick marks
[Yawn] This topic has been discussed a lot of times at MD. Either it died naturally or was eventually closed by the moderators. [/Yawn]
18 years ago
I tried all the suggested solutions but it still doesn't work with 6.2.
David, I'm passing Div Tag index that displays some .gif when mouse is over that link.
This statement, , works with the lower versions of Netscape but not on Netscape 6.2. I have no idea why. Is there an equivalent statement for 6.2?
Is it possible to use Sourcesafe with WSAD in the same way CVS works with WSAD?
18 years ago
I like Alias the most. For cable viewing, Tony Soprano rules.
18 years ago
Can you post the code snippet?
18 years ago
Did you check if you're in the Users List of Windows 2000?
18 years ago
Try this link :