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Recent posts by Rishat Valeye

Thanks, but I've already solved the problem.
11 years ago
Hello, everyone!
I can't understand what is wrong with my code. Could you please help me.
Here the code:
springapp-servlet.xml contains:
Controller class:
I thought that when I open url localhost:8080/myapp/views/index.jsp
the controller must dispatch this request and redirect me to page1, where variable result will be available. But instead I get warning in my jBoss console and nothing happens:
Whats wrong with my code and config file?
Thanks in advance)
11 years ago
I installed PostgreSQL, jBoss, set up JAAS authetification.
Here is the datasource:
And here is the login module:
But when I press Login button I got the following exception:
The strange symbols is not a mistake, i really see them in console I've got the same exception when I try to executeQuery from java code.
I've got no idea what does it mean. Can anyone help me?
I have a question. Is it possible to use JAAS authorization in AJAX mode. I mean, can I use form authorization with j_security_check, without redirecting after login, but just stay at the same page..

I want to make user authorization on e-commerce web site, so I cant't make separate page for login.. All I need is login button on the main page, user press this button and some kind of popup window appears with login and password fields, user types in his credentials, press login and gets authorized via ajax request..and no redirect..
11 years ago
Thank you for reply.

I was thinking about such solution, but the problem is that built-in validators are used all over the page (required attribute in textInputs set to true), and I wouldn't like to change them to custom validators.
Moreover I think it would be not the best practice to use custom validator only for checking the presence or absence of value in text field. Maybe I'm wrong..?
13 years ago
Hi, everyone!

I have two commandButtons on my page - "save" and "send" and lots of textInputs and other controls, almost all of them are required. User can fill in some fields and save the form - values from the form are stored in the database.
But "send" buttom musn't proceed to action processing if any of the required fields are not filled in.
In other words, I need a way to skip validation and update backing bean values and the proceed to action.
How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance for your help
13 years ago