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Mark- Thanks for the comments, yeah, they are freaking out on how they grade the assignments.
Arup- You please go to and follow the instructions to logon to your test results, there is an address where you can do your communications.
Suresh- My locking mechanim is no different than the one discussed several times in this board. I have a Lock Manager which handles locking for the RemoteData (adapter class for Data). Please do some search and you will have a very good grip on locking.
18 years ago
I finally passed with 149/155, very disappointed about the way Sun personnel handled my assignment.
I submitted the assignment and took the essay exam on 7th May. When I did not see anything after the first 20 days, I sent an e-mail to the support only to find out the infamous 'not uploaded' problem and I was told that my assignment would be processed at the earliest with a priority of 'RUSH''!!!. I waited for a while only to find out that I failed and the comment read as "Documentation does not explain how to execute in
local (non-networked) mode. I tried typing "java -jar client.jar", and got an error message because the client was trying to connect to "localhost". God, what a shame !!!. I immediately replied to the support personnel as follows :
"I do have explained clearly how the app should be
executed in local mode, he /she would not have read the line fully as I have made the document 80 characters wide and hence rest of the command line comments should have appeared on the second page. I have given my application JARc (only
executables) to 2 of my colleagues and they did not have any trouble executing the application in any mode".
In fact when I checked my README.txt later it was in one line (68 characters) !!!. 4 days later (06/19 ) I got a reply asking me to check the results again and now I has passed with 149 !!!. This was also the effort of the same assessor !!!. Can anybody believe how lazy or careless this assessor was !!!, I am very very disappointed that the assessor did not even read the README.txt and falied me because of his mistake. Now, I have lost the respect for the SCJD as the marking of it can get as good as the quality of the assessor !!!.
Anyway, I would like to offer my special thanks to Mark, who has never showed any laziness in answering all kinds of questions, and I owe my success to him.
[ June 27, 2002: Message edited by: Rajesh Matti ]
18 years ago
I had submitted the assignment and gave the essay almost 20 days ago and I do not see anything appear on galton's website. I am little bit confused about the process. I do not see any kind of status except that it says 'the assignment has been started'. Please advice...
Never mind, I saw many posts on this, what a shame for sun, simple things do not work.
What a frustrating thing
I just can not upload the assignment, I get the following eeror when I try to do so.
"You do not have the rights to upload that assignment. Press the "Back" button on your browser and try another assignment. If you feel that you should have the ability to upload, please email us at for assistance".
While I know what it means, has anybody undergone the same pain I am going through ?.
Let me know.
Thanks Mark and Mathew.
Mathew got me the right one I am looking for.
There was a good thread here which discussed quite a few essay type questions. I am not able to locate it , would somebody please help me with the link.
Thanks in advance,
Thanks Mark. I will start my long ride today..
Mark - This means that the README.txt file will be a lenghty one. I have 400 files including javadoc files, java source files and java class files. Is that how oyu had it ?. Please let me know.
README.txt needs to have the names of the files you have submitted, with a note of their location in the directory structure, and a high level description of the purpose of each.
Does this mean that I need to list and document even the java source files, class files and also javadoc files for each of the classes ?
My Thanks to all of you. Great forum with great people.
Mark - Thanks a lot for your input. Is my thinking on including seperate db.db in client and server directtories correct ?. I would appreciate a reply.
Thanks again,
My assignment instructions say "All elements of your submission must be packaged into a single JAR file for submission. It is permitted to nest JAR files inside the main JAR."
Here is how I approach the objective for jar.
I have a directory structure like this :
- Readme.txt
- Design.txt
- client.jar
- db.db
- *.gif
- clientHelp.html
- server.jar
- db.db
- *.gif
- serverHelp.html
- policy file
Just an empty directory
All the latest source code for the assignment
Javadoc htmls.

What do you guys think (especially one who are already SCJDs) ?.
Few questions:
1. I have to submit one jar, so I will be jarring all these in to a jar, how will I provide the marker the unjar instructions ? as readme.txt is a part of the �big� jar.