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Recent posts by Dave Buchanan

Is it still the case that Oracle don't test on Serialisation as stated here. I ask as I have just purchased two Oracle ePractice Exam Papers for the OCP Java 6 Exam and both have questions on Serialization?
I am on Mock test III of the Whizlabs test for OCP Java 6 and I'm averaging 50%. I have taken 2 weeks annual leave in order to complete my studying and take the exam. Should I cancel my exam I only have 5 days left. I ask this question as the Whizlabs site states that my last mock result was a fail and I need to study more!. However it also states that 99% of people who purchased the preparation service PASSED. Though in a column next to my result it says "Percentage of total users who performed below you in the test. Percentage = Total Number of People who scored less than or equal to you x 100/Total number of people who took the test" Which has a value of 90.78%. Does this mean I am on track and should just keep pressing on??

I feel sick. Can anyone who has knowledge of these test Mocks enlighten me! Should I cancel my exam until I am getting 61% on these Mocks??? Feels like a tall order as this is my second attempt at the exam last month I failed by 1 mark. I kn ow I have gained alot more knowledge but the mocks don't reflect this am I kidding myself???

Please help!
Think I should have been thinkin

- accepts any List of Objects that have a super type of type T

e.g. allow addition of Animal, and If .

Thanks everyone, the ranch is really helping me at the moment! :-D
My understanding of <? super T> thus far is that when I use this declaration on a method that accepts a List it should permit the addition only of type <T> or its super type. With this in mind could someone take a shot at explaining why the below doesn't work. I am starting to loose it!! :-/

Hi Stephan, firstly I'd like to appoligise for that poor post. I had thought I was posting to a book specific page as I had saw a forum question at this location within the ranch:-


Please advise if I am using the forum incorrectly as I thought it was kind a direct forum for the Study Guide and Mock Exam books referenced below.

Thanks for such a prompt reply

Book references (both written by Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra)

Mock Exam Book reeference

Page 111 Question 26.

Study Guide reference:-
I beieve I am following appropriatly???


Here is the Question on the Mock Exams Book:

Which are true? (Choose all that Apply) I chose B, C and F. The answer they supply is B, E and F

A. MyApp is-a Employee.
B. MyApp is-a Mungeable.
C. MyApp has-a Employee.
D. MyApp has-a Mungeable.
E. The code is loosely coupled.
F. The Employee class is well encapsulated.

Answer for the Q 26 of Exam 1 in the book stateed as B, E and F

I thought more B, C, F

E option states The Code is loosly coupled but Class MyApp has:-

as this code would not compile without the presence of Employee in the classpath. I am under the impressio n that the are not loosly coupled?

Please advice!