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Recent posts by Leo Rocha

Welcome Iuliana!

Thanks for this book helping us into the Spring World!

1 month ago
Welcome Iuliana,

I'm very interested in Spring World!
Really thanks for this book to help us learning Spring!

1 month ago
Thanks Rocha and Purificacao,

I'm sure this book will greatly help developers improve their knowledge in "Java EE 8".
Hi Bert, Kathy and Elisabeth,

first of all, thank you!

How a Java 8 certification can increase my chances with a new job?
Thanks for the new book.

How modular java 9 new concept can improve my old java 7 and 8 apps?
2 years ago
Welcome to the authors Sander Mak & Paul Bakker...
and thank you!
2 years ago
Hi Bill & Chris,

we are very proud for the new book.
Thank you!
3 years ago
Hi Kishori,

welcome e thanks for your contribution!


3 years ago

I was awarded but I did not receive a copy of the book.


Could you verify please?
3 years ago
Hi Pierre-Yves,

Even already programming with java 8, functional programming still sounds strange to me. How does the book address programming techniques applied to the new features of Java 8?
Yes, course!

How Spring  has evolved to keep up with the news of the Java EE 7?
4 years ago
Welcome Sharma & Ashish!

Recently I passed 1Z0-804 exam and I'm very encouraged to start learning Spring with this book.

Thank you.

4 years ago
Hi Ganesh,

thanks for new Book !
Welcome Vlad,

thank you for more one book !!!

See you!
Welcome Cay, and thanks a lot for more one excellent book.
4 years ago