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Recent posts by Rick Silva

You could release the book on Amazon KDP, which would basically cost you nothing.
1 year ago
I noticed you wrote the book for Python 3 instead of 2. That got me thinking, how long will 3 be around?  Any talk to Python 4?
3 years ago
Welcome Bryson!
4 years ago
There used to be other popular shell scripting languages like the C Shell, the Bourne Shell, etc. but I rarely hear of them anymore.  Did BASH win?  Why?
5 years ago
Do the book's syntax examples work on CentOS, SUSE, Ubuntu, etc?  Aren't there syntax differences between them?
5 years ago
Your book looks really interesting.  I wonder why you decided to include things like Python, Perl, and Git that aren't really Linux-specific.
5 years ago
Thanks for the response. That makes sense. It just seems to me that developers all over the world could be so much more productive if they had the ability to fire up a sophisticated editor while working on the server.
9 years ago
I am going to buy the TextMate text editor for my new Mac. When I come in in the morning I ssh from my Mac onto a server where I do my day's work. I'm thinking that if I install TextMate on my Mac, I won't be able to edit files on the server with it. I'm also thinking that if I install it on the server, my I won't be able to use my Mac to interact with it.

Sorry for the noob question, but how does this work?
9 years ago
...or should I read an introductory HTML5 book first? (I do know HTML, just not HTML5)
I am looking for a way to validate XML from the command line. I have an XML file and an XSD file (an XML Schema definition file). My objective is to make sure the XML file follows the rules defined in the XSD file.

I noticed that Xerces has a xercesSamples.jar file that comes with a sax.Counter method. My understanding is that this method will count, and also do validation if you use the -v switch. But I can't figure out how to call it from the command line and provide the XML file name and the XSD file name.

The closest I get is:

java -classpath /xerces-2_9_0/xercesSamples.jar:/xerces-2_9_0/xercesImpl.jar sax.Counter -v -s my_xml_data_file.xml

But where do I specify the name of the xsd file?