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Rangarajan Suresh

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Recent posts by Rangarajan Suresh

Thanks Ankur for the pointer to the puzzle. Being in bench, it is an excellent timepass + little excercise for the mind.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Ramesh Mandapati:
Did anybody used any of the above caching systems in production environment?

I have evaluated the above products as well as EHCache.
AFAIK,JCS looks outdated and doesnt scale much.
OScache is suitable for web app caching of small java objects. But dont use this for disk caching.
SwarmCache performance is good and removes the objects from memory based on the algo. chosen. If memory is a constraint for u , go for this.
EHCache also is memory sensitive, but a bit slower than Swarmcache.
I also have a question to the list:
My application requires loading around 4M records into memory from database. We tried Caching products as well as in-memory databases. But,
the used memory keeps increasing and after a few days heap max. size is reached and the system hangs. Is there a product/approach that you would suggest for such a scenario.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Evelyn Cartagena:
There are still SCWCD 1.4 vouchers available!!! If you are interested in taking the beta please send an email to with the following information:
Specify the subject as "SCWCD 1.4 Voucher"
Your name
E-mail address
Your Prometric ID (if available)
Confirm that you are a Sun Certified Programmer (for any version)
Also the beta will end on Sunday, February 8. You will have Saturday, February 7 to take the exam too
If you have any questions, please send me an email at
Good Luck Everyone!
Evelyn Cartagena
Java Certification Program Manager

Decided not to take the exam 'coz of the Sylvan Administrator's
cold response to my call in my city.
Thinking of complaining too.

Originally posted by Anupam Sinha:
Hi All
I searched the net and found the following contact details. I think that we need to call the nos. here.

Hi ...
Got my voucher after the regular 'blocked' and 'we are lagging' mails.
You should be calling the Prometric authorised centres in your city directly for exam scheduling. Eg. If you are in Chennai call Bitech and book your slot.
Hey, I dont want to make too much fuss about it.(Dont need my 15 mins of fame )
Anyway, Just to enlighten Valentin:
The above topics contain a fairly open advertisement of the HeadFirst EJB book. So does Pradeeps thread on his article. Both of them help people preparing for the SCBCD, though it might be in varying degrees. Hope thats plain enough.
Retiring with that.
20 years ago
I dont find any rational behind the double standard being followed by ranch.
Kathy and Bert bates write stories about their upcoming book. They can even find volunteers to help complete their book.(Ofcourse, I dont find anything wrong with it). But, some Pradeep can not invite people to give comments on an article he has written(thatz relevant too).
I am surprised to see this because, I have found that Javaranch is otherwise a really nice community.

20 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Wheaton:

I hope you find a community that is a better fit for you.

This is not the forum to put this question sam.
Besides, Sun is not developing the EJB exam for developers in
India alone.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Javan Li:
Hi all, i've developed an application. But when i make it a war file. some error appear. for example:
When i try to read a xml file from /WEB-INF/xml/ as follow, it cannot find it:
String dir=context.getRealPath("/");
String file=dir + "/WEB-INF/xml/res.xml";
and this code doesn't work. What should i do??

i appreciate if u can help u!

getRealPath() gives the path like this...
remove the / in "/WEB-INF/xml/res.xml"
It should work.
20 years ago
Hold on your breath for another week.
We'll start the celebrations
If it doesnt come out next week too

We'll wait...

Originally posted by Rangarajan Suresh:
1) Which will survive an EJB server crash? (choose all that apply)
A) Stateful session bean instances
B) Stateless session bean instances
C) Message-driven bean instances
D) An entity bean's primary key
E) An entity

Doesnt the option E look a bit awkward?
1 - D
2 - A,D,E
3 - C,G
4 - A
5 - A,E,G
6 - B,C,F,H,I
7 - C,F,G
8 - A,B,C,F

Have a look at James
They have a Java API to let you write Java code to process emails that are called mailet API.
A mailet can generate an automatic reply, update a database, prevent spam, build a message archive, or whatever you can imagine
20 years ago
[ August 20, 2003: Message edited by: Jack Conway ][/QB]
As far as I know, File system acess is denied to make sure that your J2EE application is portable across servers.
Write Once ! Run any where