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Today I started a 3-4 month contract with a company that is using WSAD. I am SCJP and a systems (kernels:unix/netware) level engineer with 24 years of development, now turning to J2EE application work. I have been retooling into Java since 1998 when I was exposed to Java while helping to port the JVM to SMP Netware.
I had been using tomcat at my last contract position and they recently began using JBoss, then my contract terminated at the end of the year. All the contract programmers were also let go then as well. I was only introduced to JBoss in that time period, without any deep development work with it.
Now, I need to get up to speed fast on WSAD. This new (to me) project is in a phase II point of operation. Phase I is already deployed. Phase II will be adding functionality. My question is: Will this book be a good point for me to start with? (Probably a biased question for you, but I am looking for valid help and direction)
How different is the implementation of J2EE in WSAD from JBoss?
I am a Intellij IDEA user, but have not used Eclipse before. What expectations can I have in using WSAD? Does the book cover much of Eclipse operation or would another book be useful on Eclipse?
As others have I second the K&B book. I think I bought all the others and when I got ahold of K&B in January, I almost burned the others.
Also JQPlus exam, really helped in the last 2 months. For $25 it provides an exam similiar in format, which helped the learning curve.
I felt its tough questions exceeded the exam. Some very estoric questions.
doug t
2 July 2003, I finally made it.
K&B's book really helped as did JQPlus mock exams.
Question I have: I noticed that Sun changed policy and now the Certifications are good for only 2 years.
Does THAT mean we have to retake the exam? Also noticed that the recertification exams will cost $100 each. Geeezz, if one gets all 4 Java Certs, that alot of reocurring expense (to me) and income to Sun.
Any others have info. Their site is very generic.
doug thompson
16 years ago
what happens when sleep( 0 ) is called?