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Recent posts by LadyMahler

Congrats and thanks for this fantastic post. My husband and I are about to start on the quest to become certified and both our backgrounds are almost exactly the same as yours... will post once we've completed it on our successes. It sure is nice to have a nice day-by-day guide to just start off on.
Yes, change the rules to: Any rule can be changed 10 minutes before the race to suit whoever wants the rules changed.

Dude, wake up, there are rules for a reason. How long has that track been there. How long has it been fast. How long did Michelin have to fix their tyres. How bad is this for their marketing...

Everyone knows Bridgestone tyres are slower than Michelin, so those 3 teams that raced have sacrificed speed at EVERY OTHER RACE for the sake of safety... why should they now compromise for other teams' opportunism?

Yes, it was a farce but perhaps a big wake-up call for safety vs. speed. Please don't blame the three teams that raced, it's like saying "Why don't we just say, because of drunk drivers, everyone just drive on the left lane only and really slow, then no one will get hurt....."... sorry, bad example, but just try think about the reason there are bodies governing sport, it would make a rather more spectacular farce than that one race, if they weren't there?
14 years ago
Hi all
Thanks for all the tips - I will check them out.
Bye, A
16 years ago
Hi all
Anyone knows of some places to go skiing around Europe (anything within a couple of hours of Croatia is a yes) that wouldn't set one back too much? This is during June/July. It can be a boring place, in fact, somewhere quiet is preferred.
Any tips will be well appreciated!
16 years ago
Just my 2 cents on Linux getting there fast & taking over the world:
I just installed a SuSE box (the new 8 release) and the installation procedure is officially easier than Windows. Go try it for yourself. It's pie.
The interface is, in fact, as user-friendly as Windows.
The cost is a laugh, and I'm not only referring to licensing. The box I'm using is a slammed together upgraded PC that performs better than a state-of-the-art server we run @ work on 2000, that cost them 6 times more.
Microsoft is in deep brown with their new licensing policy and the phones aren't stopping at our local Linux business partner. (The same goes for other vendor products, I've heard even Lotus SmartSuite is making a bit of a come-back because it's so much cheaper than Office).
Maybe Microsoft got some things right but a monopoly can never last forever. If there's money to be made from something, you bet someone will start competing with a better prize and product at some stage (ESPECIALLY if the monopoly's product and prize is, well, frankly, damn lousy at times).
So I dare you that are still running your PC's and webservers on MS to just take the plunge and try out the alternative. And keep us posted.
[ August 22, 2002: Message edited by: Adi du Toit ]
17 years ago
It seems that broken hearts and love problems are a major THING on this forum, and I'd thought maybe it's a good idea to have a special comfort zone for lonely souls to go to and ask their questions to a really good, sensible and wise person (such as Cindy) or, well, someone else, like Map? (We won't call her Auntie, we'll call her Babe Map).
17 years ago
I recommend Cindy! Or perhaps we can have a "Cindy Says, Map Says" forum...
17 years ago
You don't want a drunk chick anyway. What happened to that nice girl that sat next to you in class?
17 years ago
If you got a joined bank account, you don't need another person to go spend out of it.
17 years ago
Map, you seem like a very angry person. (*duck*)
I am trying to get to the underlying current here somewhere... where does this originate from? Come on, tell us.
I do recognise the symptoms and arguments of someone that is frustrated because he/she can not get someone because that person "belongs" to someone else, or is trying to justify certain actions which are not accepted by society. I'm sure it is not the case of you, but that is usually the case.
Perhaps I can ask you this: have you ever seen someone's once undying love crumble in front of your eyes because he has fallen in love with another? It is as if you have not experienced this loss that you can speak with such overwhelming confidence on this topic. Also, how much of history do you know? Are you aware of the path societies follow that adopt this very convincing trail of thought that you are arguing?
And, yes, of course you love someone for the person they are, but most definitely also for the way they behave. Love is not some feeling in your tummy or a thought in your mind: it is action.
[ May 22, 2002: Message edited by: Adi du Toit ]
17 years ago
Cindy - you speak with much wisdom.
Map - this is just it: if I have a partner in my life, I'm the only woman allowed in his intimate space. If he's not ok with that, then he is welcome to be my very much non-intimate friend. That's my standard. I am secure enough to state that and strong enough to stick with that value. I think it is insecurity that keeps you clinging to a guy that does not treat you with that respect and exclusivity.
In the same breath, I will say that I respect your view and I am sure you have enough guys eager to meet you & share your standard...???!!!
But I think you're worth more. Why do you want to waive that instinct - to seem strong and secure?
17 years ago
It depends what value you add to this "love" - perhaps you have not found the type of love that ties you with another person in such a way that your lives become one? There is no place for a third person in that union. If someone does enter it, your connection with your partner is negotiated, whether you're aware of it or not - as your partner's loyalty to this combined life is broken. (And it is broken, believe me, I think there is enough evidence out there in the "real world" to support that statement).
Agreed, if you're out there to explore physical love in as much variety as you can get, you should probably not try the marriage or even relationship thing. I don't know for how long that will remain fulfilling - perhaps if one doesn't mature to a higher level of need where intimacy of emotion and spirit and intellect becomes a foundation for one's physical attraction to someone it will always be sufficient. And one probably just has to find someone with the same level of understanding.
And that won't be me and a lot of other people who's views and friendship I truly value. I guess it lies in accepting that people think different about these things and it is best to keep your love relationships to those that either respect or agree with your values and keep the rest as just friends?
17 years ago
Just don't. ("Hell no" says it better). Just love her, make peace in your heart with the past, learn from it and move on. It will hurt her and it will damage the relationship, and it will most definitely hurt you, now is rather a time to rekindle love than to put it through big tests.
Yes, sure, you would have been honest and all that, but sometimes the truth is best if left unsaid. The reason why you have the urge to tell all is because you want to make sure she knows you will never do that again. Perhaps it isn't quite the way to do it: it is something YOU must know and the way she must know it, is by you living your love and showing it to her every day.
Now move on and enjoy being in love (AND you don't even have to win her over, she's already your wife!). If she ever does find out and is upset with you never telling her, you can always show her this discussion. In the same breath: only you can really know and decide what to do.
(as long as that is not telling...)
17 years ago
Johnson, I think you need to edit that message one more time.
17 years ago
Heya Don - what's up? Why are you so angry? Share, just talk a bit, what's on your mind?
17 years ago