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Pat Farrell wrote:

Peter Johnson wrote:

but I can't access those ips from my local system

Then it is impossible to find out the host names in the usual manner (using network commands, or the code xsunil provided).

Are you sure? A normal reverse DNS lookup should give you the results even if you can't access the particular IP addresses. This assumes, of course, that the IP addresses in question actually resolve to a hostname, and that the reverse DNS is configured properly.

Note: folks upthread are talking about using PING, in a slightly incorrect way. Ping is a network test which is handy, but it is not necessary. Ping is a separate protocol and is often blocked by firewalls, etc. You do *not* need to be able to ping a host to be able to talk to it via TCP/IP

NBTSTAT -A will work on windows.
nmblookup -A is for linux.

9 years ago
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